Encounter Whales and Puffins: Experience Iceland’s Wildlife on Specialized Whale and Puffin Watching Tours

Discover the majestic beauty of marine animals in Icelandic waters and witness the colorful puffins during summertime.

Exciting sea adventures to see whales and puffins in Iceland

Embark on a breathtaking journey with Iceland’s whale and puffin watching tours. Sail through Arctic waters to witness the awe-inspiring dance of whales, from the majestic humpback whales to the elusive minke whales. 

Continue along the rugged coastline to be charmed by the colorful, playful puffins in their natural cliffside habitats. These tours offer more than sightseeing; they’re an immersive experience in nature, guided by knowledgeable locals. 

Perfect for nature lovers, photographers, or those seeking a unique adventure, these eco-friendly tours connect you with the wonders of Icelandic wildlife in a responsible, unforgettable way.

Puffin and Whale Watching in Iceland

Encounter Iceland’s Gentle Creatures in the Atlantic Ocean Breeze

About Whales in Iceland

Whales, often revered as the ‘gentle giants of the ocean,’ are entirely aquatic mammals that vary greatly in shape, size, and species. Many of these magnificent creatures make their home in the coastal waters of Iceland. 

Icelandic waters are home to several commonly spotted whale species, making it a premier destination for whale watching. Among these species are minke whales, known for their curiosity; humpback whales, famous for their breaches; blue whales, the largest animals on Earth; fin whales, sleek and fast swimmers; sperm whales, deep divers; orcas (killer whales), with distinctive black and white markings; white-beaked dolphins, often seen in groups; and harbor porpoises, smaller and more elusive. These diverse marine creatures offer an exciting opportunity for whale enthusiasts to witness these majestic animals in their natural habitat on a whale watching boat tour.

Iceland boasts a long-standing relationship with whales, dating back to the 12th century when Vikings hunted them for food and resources. Though whaling in Iceland still exists, there has been a significant shift towards conservation. Numerous companies are now dedicated to protecting these majestic animals and their habitats, reflecting Iceland’s evolving connection with these denizens of the deep.

Whale Watching Tours in Iceland

Whale watching tours in Iceland offer a range of exciting options. Departing primarily from Reykjavik’s Old Harbor, these tours typically last around three hours, providing ample time for an immersive experience. However, Iceland’s rich offerings extend beyond Reykjavik. 

Places like Husavik and Akureyri in the north are also renowned for their popular whale watching excursions. These tours are conducted on large, professional boats, featuring spacious observation decks and manned by specially trained staff. Onboard, professional guides are available to answer any queries, enriching your understanding of these ocean giants. 

For those seeking a more exhilarating experience, speedboats are an excellent choice. They offer a faster, more flexible approach to whale watching, allowing you to get closer to these majestic marine animals.

About Iceland’s Atlantic Puffins

The puffin, known as the ‘clown of the sea‘ for its brightly colored beak, is a versatile water bird adept at flying, swimming, and even digging. These birds, famous for their vibrant beaks, which they shed post-mating season to reveal darker ones, nest by burrowing into cliffs. Iceland, hosting over half the world’s puffin population for breeding, is a prime spot for observing these charming birds.

The coast of Iceland not only hosts magnificent whales but also serves as the natural habitat and feeding ground for the enchanting puffins. These distinctive black and white seabirds are a common sight along Iceland’s picturesque coastline.

playful puffin birds in Borgafjordur Eystri

Puffin Tours in Iceland

Puffin watching tours, starting from Reykjavik’s Old Harbor, typically last about an hour. Tour companies offer various experiences: speed boats for a closer, more dynamic encounter with the wildlife, or small oak boats for a serene, quieter bird-watching session at sea. These tours provide a unique opportunity to observe puffins in their natural habitat, making for a memorable experience.

The ideal time to embark on a puffin watching tour in Iceland is during the breeding season, spanning from May to August. During these warmer months, female puffins prepare to lay their eggs, and puffin colonies come alive with nests perched on sea cliffs.

If you find yourself in Iceland during this magical season, don’t miss the chance to book both a puffin bird watching tour for an unforgettable adventure.

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What to expect on an exhilarating whale watching tour from Reykjavik, Iceland

As a reputable tour operator, BusTravel Iceland offers an array of offshore package tours, including captivating whale watching and enchanting puffin watching excursions. When reserving one of these remarkable day tours from Reykjavik, Iceland, visitors can anticipate unforgettable moments near the coast or aboard the boat, providing up-close encounters with Iceland’s beloved marine creatures.

We recommend bringing extra clothing to prepare for unpredictable weather conditions at sea. In Iceland’s summer, essentials like a hat and sunscreen are a must, along with comfortable footwear. For comprehensive details, peruse the invaluable information provided for our visitors and explore tour-specific insights on our website. Dive into each tour’s itinerary description and overview to select the experience that resonates with you.”

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Popular whale watching and puffin tours in Iceland
Encounter Whales and Puffins