We are a youthful and personal day tour operator, running guided day tours from Reykjavik to the most popular tourist attractions in Iceland. All tours are operated daily in comfortable busses & guided in english by experienced, fun & enthusiastic guides, who love to show our visitors around Iceland.

BusTravel Iceland History

We are a leading day tour operator founded in 1960 then reimagined in 2015. Our style and approach is that of a startup company to which we have innovatively replicated on a bigger business scale. Our deep roots and unprecedented experience within the tourism industry has equipped us with the core ability to grow whilst still maintain these values. 

We bring a vibrant, fresh outlook to the service we provide. The careful attention to detail and acknowledgement of every customer entirely individually is what sets us apart. Every element of the customer journey is met with care, from the moment of inquiry to long after the travel date. Our customers have voices that are heard, we are continually evaluating ourselves and our tours, to confirm that our pledge in offering the most authentic experiences at the highest level of service is being met. 

The Team

The company consists of highly educated and energetic people coming from various parts of the world with wide range of experience. Those people’s expertise, great knowledge & genuine passion for Iceland has put together one solid super team. Our goal and motivation are to provide both a high quality of service and a selection of interesting tours for travelers like you, so that we can share our unique expertise. 

“We attempt to make travelling in Iceland more pleasant, simpler and richer because we genuinely love our country and what we do.”

We live it - You’ll love it!

The BusTravel family enjoying a staff day in the South of Iceland!

Unique Guides – Unique Experiences

We are extremely proud and fortunate to have on board an outstanding group of experienced guides. They all have in common to be professional, proud, knowledgeable, humorous, friendly, burning with passion and LOVING their job! Their mission is to turn your tour into an unforgettable experience. 

Sustainable Tourism

BusTravel Iceland takes pride in being a company that evaluates sustainability and safety highly.  We are committed to the idea of sustainable tourism, which means that we encourage ourselves and our guests to experience Iceland while striving to make a positive impact on its environment, society and economy. We aim to have our operations as eco-friendly as possible and with your help we can do even better!

VAKINN – Quality & Environmental Certification

BusTravel takes pride in being qualified by VAKINN, the official quality and environmental system within Icelandic tourism. Only tourism businesses that maintain the highest standards in all aspects of business practices and meet VAKINN´S comprehensive assessment criteria have earned the right to carry VAKINN. 


KOLVIÐUR – The Icelandic Carbon Fund

BusTravel Iceland is a dedicated member of the Iceland Carbon Fund. The mission of the Kolvidur Fund is first and foremost to reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere by increasing the carbon sequestration of forest ecosystems, in other words, minimizing our carbon footprint. The Iceland Carbon Fund offers carbon offsets through tree planting. We encourage our guests to contribute to this good cause by adding 220 ISK to their booking (the equivalent of one tree being planted), thus making their tour carbon neutral. 100 % of the donation goes into planting more trees in Iceland and fight global warming. 


EURO 6 – European Emission Standards

By having a new fuel-efficient fleet that meets the highest emissions standards, EURO 6, BusTravel Iceland reduces the impact of exhaust emissions, from it’s transportation, on environmental pollution and global warming.