Premium Small-Group Tours of Iceland

Choose a small group tour for a more personal, flexible, and authentic Iceland experince

BusTravel Iceland offers a range of tours in minibuses. Experience Iceland as part of a smaller group, led by our experienced team of passionate guides. With smaller group sizes we can travel at a more leisurely pace, be more flexible with our itineraires and add extra bonus stops. And best of all, our passengers can interact one-on-one with our great guides for a more personal experience, learning more about Icelandic nature, culture and society. Explore our range of Small-Group tours today!

Travel around Iceland in style and comfort with our premium small-group tours from Reykjavik. Our small-group tour experiences aim to provide our guests with a more exclusive trip in the land of ice and fire. Our team of passionate and knowledgeable guides small groups can go to Iceland’s most popular attractions and learn more about Iceland’s geography and culture, making your Iceland vacation more personal and unforgettable.

Another advantage of the premium small group tour is that it has extra stops beyond the itinerary list, going to some niche attractions, allowing you to see some of Iceland´s hidden gems. BusTravel Iceland also has many itineraries for premium small group tours, all departing from Reykjavik, which is very convenient. Come join us now to experience a wonderful trip to Iceland and see the charming and unforgettable side of Iceland with us.

Small-Group Day-Tours

Choose from our range of premium tours and experience the Northern Lights, the Golden Circle, and more!

We have a variety of small group tours for you to choose from. A great option is the classic Icelandic Golden Circle route, which takes tourists to experience Iceland’s local geothermal greenhouses, taste organic tomatoes, and learn how Icelanders use geothermal energy to resist the harsh and cold natural environment and strive to eat healthy, fresh and organically. inspirational story. We also offer small group Golden Circle tours that include both the Blue Lagoon and the Sky Lagoon.

Another high-end one-day small group tour is very popular and a must-see, the Iceland South Coast Tour. In this itinerary, you can see the famous Icelandic black sand beach and the picturesque scenery around it, as well as waterfalls of different sizes and styles, as well as the must-see glacial lagoon and Jökulsárlón on the south coast of Iceland. Glacial lagoons and diamond beaches will fulfill your beautiful wishes for traveling in Iceland.

The beauty of Iceland definitely doesn’t stop there. The Snæfellsnes Peninsula is like a minature Iceland and encompasses many of the geological features mosted associated with Iceland, including glaciers, lava fields, basalt black sand beaches, scenic fishing villages and much more besides. Both the natural scenery and human history here are outstanding, Particularly of note is the iconic Kiirkjufell Mountain, which featured prominently in Game of Thrones, When you come to Iceland, you must plan a visit to Snæfellsnes Peninsula.

And no trip to Iceland is complete without at least attemoting to witness the majestic beauty of the Northern Lights! Although luck does play a part in seeing the lights, your best best is to leave it to the professionals, who have years of experience in spotting this elusive natural wonder. Our expert team study the real-time cloud forecast and Northern Lights Index to identify the best viewing locations on any given day. We offer two small group Northern lights tours, with one focused on photography.



Small-Group Multi-Day Tours around Iceland

BusTravel Iceland also operate a range of multiöday tours, all operated by minibus with small group sizes. Explore North Iceland, Snæfellsnes and more.

BusTravel Iceland also runs multi-day Ring Road tours, operated in minibuses in small group sizes. Explore more of Iceland on these wonderful tours that include accommodation, as well as optional activities such as ice cave visits, whale watching tours, hot-spring bathing. Choose between 6, 7 or 8 day versions of this tour for your perfect small group Ring Road adventure.

Exploring Iceland on a minibus offers a more intimate and immersive experience, allowing you to truly connect with the stunning landscapes and diverse culture of Iceland. Get to know your fellow passengers, creating a more personalized and flexible adventure. So much time on big bus tours is taken up by simply getting on and off the bus at various stops, whereas small group tours run more smoothly and are more efficient, leaving more time for what truly matters; getting to now this wonderful remote land. Futhermore, navigating the iconic ring road in a minibus provides the opportunity to access remote locations and hidden gems that larger vehicles might struggle to reach.

Enjoy a more authentic, mindful, and peaceful trip – book your small group multi-day tour with us today!

Reviews of our Premium Small Group Tours
by Phyllis Bartling
May 27, 2024
I didn\’t know I wanted to visit Iceland until I took this tour. Our guide and driver, Devin, has an “exceptional grasp of the American English language!” He\’s funny, smart and so good at sharing inf… Read more
by elena lamanna
May 2, 2024
by CB and David Loftin
August 21, 2023
We experienced Iceland’s natural beauty on the Golden Circle Small Group tour. Traveling by small van instead of a large coach made for a much more personal experience with the guide and fellow passen… Read more
by Momchil Bakalov
June 10, 2023
We had a chance to have an amazing Journey through one of the most spectacular sights of Iceland = the Breathtaking Waterfalls Skogafoss and Seljalandsfoss, the Mystic Black Sand Beach with its charmi… Read more
by Ashley
May 22, 2023
This was a great tour. Dennis was our guide and he did a great job of maximizing our experience and making the most of the time. I definitely recommend doing this tour as a small group, it’s a long da… Read more
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