5 Reasons Why Iceland’s Sunsets Are The Most Beautiful

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  • 19 May 2020

Icelandic landscapes look even more beautiful just before sunset and sunrise. Here are 5 reasons that make Iceland’s sunsets the most beautiful in the world!

5 Reasons Why Iceland’s Sunsets Are The Most Beautiful

Here are 5 reasons that make Iceland’s sunsets the most beautiful in the world!

1. Due to our northerly position sunsets last a long time

The latitude of Reykjavik is 64°N which means that our Golden Hour (what we like to call ‘magic hour’) lasts significantly longer than in other places. For example, in New York it lasts less than one hour and closer to the equator it only lasts 45 minutes. In Reykjavík our Golden Hour lasts 6 hours during the solstices (December and June). That’s all day long in the winter or all night long during the summer! During the equinoxes (March and September) it will be 1.5 hours during sunrise and during sunset. So in Iceland you have much more time to actually enjoy the sunsets simply because they last much longer!

This picture was taken in December close to Reykjavík.

2. The ocean surrounds us, providing a scenic backdrop!

In Iceland almost all our towns, villages and farmsteads are located along the coastline. Our South Coast Iceland tour spends a whole day driving alongside the coastline, which means you can enjoy the sunrise or sunset glittering over the North Atlantic.

This picture was taken in August in Hafnarfjörður, a town close to Reykjavík.

3. No big buildings will block your view!

In Iceland there are no skyscrapers and most buildings are short in comparison with other countries. The famous Hallgrímskirkja church is the tallest building in Reykjavík at 74.5 meters (244 ft). There are only three other buildings that are taller than 70 meters (230 ft)! No matter where you are, it is highly unlikely that a building will block your beautiful view.

This picture was taken in April, view of our Hallgrímskirkja church.

4. Pink fluffy clouds are common!

Due to the climate there are often some clouds in the sky. But, during a sunset this can be a really beautiful thing! The clouds look pink, and sometimes the sun turns a whole layer of clouds completely red, which makes for an incredible view!

This picture was taken in December at the Diamond Beach on our Glacier Lagoon tour.

5. Low pollution levels!

Iceland generally has very good air quality and low pollution levels due, not only to our small population, to our rather windy weather. Low pollution levels bring more brightly coloured sunrises and sunsets with it!

This picture was taken in July at the Sólfar statue in Reykjavík.

Come to Iceland and experience our amazing sunsets for yourself!

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