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Premium Small Group Tours from Reykjavik

Small Groups, Big Adventures! 

Our Premium small group tours from Reykjavik are run exclusively in minibusses of no more than 17 people which allows for a much more flexible day. Throughout the day you will have a great chance to get to know your guide who will be able to share personal stories as well as interesting facts and information about the places you visit.

We also make additional stops on some of our small group tours that you will not find in any of our other tours! You can read a bit more about our tour stops below.


Friðheimar horse farm is a great addition to your Golden Circle tour. Using greenhouses the farmers here have been able to grow tomatoes all year round despite the harsh conditions and lack of sunlight in the Icelandic winter months. The farm has grown dramatically since its purchase by its new owners in 1995 but the history of the farm goes back as far as 1946.
Today the farm combines aspects of Horticulture with the other passion of its owners, Horses. The farm has a horse breeding program and offers a variety of different horse shows for its guests.

Our guests will not only have an opportunity to visit both the stables as well as the Friðheimar greenhouse meaning you will get a great perspective on all the unique features that have made this farm as popular as it is.


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Small Group Day Tours

Small group day tours from Reykjavik Iceland

See Iceland in style, and comfort, when you select this tour. Our small group tours are designed to give guests a more exclusive tour of this ancient nation. In the company of a great guide and a maximum of only 17 other guests, you can explore some of Iceland’s most popular attractions and learn all about the wonderful natural history that has made Iceland such a desired holiday destination for so many.

Our tour packages are a great introduction to the many mesmerising places you could visit, and they make for the perfect starting point for your holiday. As guests travel in smaller groups, the tour is capable of being a whole lot more flexible than it would be with the bigger groups. Guests can look forward to enlightening conversations and with an experienced guide to lead the way, by the end of the tour they will have a greater insight into this fascinating country.

The Small Group day tours also have the great benefit of including additional stops, which will take you to the kinds of places where few other tours will go.

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We have a selection of tours for you to consider. Our current most popular tour takes guests to Friðheimar horse farm. As a part of the Golden Circle, this farm is famous for using greenhouses which create the perfect condition in which farmers can grow gorgeous tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables all year round, despite the freezing Icelandic conditions. The farm has a rich history dating back to 1946, but it has grown a great deal since 1995 when new owners took over. The farm has its own horse breeding program and hosts numerous horse shows for farm guests. On a tour to Friðheimar, guests have the wonderful opportunity to visit both the greenhouses and the horse farm, giving them an exciting look into this unique aspect of Icelandic living.

The next day tour is the small group tour to the Southern Coast. During this tour, guests can see the famous black sand beaches, the backdrop of numerous breath-taking photographs, while they will also see the waterfalls of the South Coast. Seeing glaciers is also a part of the adventure. This trip is guaranteed to be unforgettable.

A day tour of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula will take you to a destination that is rich with culture, history and countless natural attractions. The area has a glacier, lava caves, a national park, those gorgeous black sand beaches, fishing villages and mountains. A hiker’s paradise and a place where photographers will fall in love, the peninsula is not to be missed.

The Golden Circle and Blue Lagoon tour is another Small Group Day Tour that you can embark on. The tour leaves from Reykjavik, heads to central Iceland and allows guests to relax in the Blue Lagoon. While on tour guests can see natural formations, lakes, waterfalls, and geysers.

A trip to Iceland is incomplete if you miss the chance to see the Northern Lights. The lights are not always visible, sometimes you can be in the right place at the right time, and the lights simply don’t appear. It is really all about luck but being on tour with the right team can make all of the difference. This tour gives you the best possible opportunity to see this natural spectacle.

Bus Travel has a wide variety of day trips available online. Book your tour of Iceland today and see why those who visit never want to leave.

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