Top 10 reasons why you should travel to Iceland after COVID19

05 May 2020

Here we have listed why Iceland should be at the top of your travel destination list. We've noted our top 10 reasons why you should travel to Iceland after the COVID19 pandemic.

Once lockdown is lifted, flights resume and it becomes reasonable to travel again it’s unavoidable to wonder more than ever  where you can safely travel. Let’s face it, no one wants or should be taking any risks with the ongoing threats from COVID19. Travellers need to carefully choose adventures in destinations that are safe and well suited for welcoming foreign guests after the COVID-19 pandemic. Many will likely be looking at destinations offering remote and uncrowded natural attractions.

1. Iceland’s successful handling of the crisis!

Iceland has gained a worldwide reputation for having handled the crisis well and professionally! The measures and reaction are even being referred to as exemplary to other countries. This proactive response has further reinforced Iceland as one of the safest places in the world.

When the first signs of the pandemic started to emerge, Iceland was prepared. The restrictions were enforced from the beginning. Care homes were ‘locked down’, with no outside visitors allowed, as soon as the first case was reported. Other people of a certain age or with pre-existing conditions were put into self-quarantine at home or in designated ‘quarantine hotels’. Those who even showed the slightest signs of the virus were immediately tested, and also self-quarantined for fourteen days.

A specialised workforce of ‘contact tracers’, put together of police and healthcare workers, tracked down anyone who could be infected and put them into self-quarantine for two weeks. This team was extremely successful in locating any cases. The project  was then further supported with a creation of a COVID19 tracking app. Almost 60% of positive cases were already in quarantine due to this successful work.

A unique and very effective response from Iceland was the mass testing of non-symptomatic people from all levels of society. Currently 13% of the population has been tested, the highest number per capita anywhere in the world! The results this produced were vital for understanding the virus and benefited not only Iceland but the entire world.

One of the many reasons for this success was the expert management of the so called “Trio”;  the Chief Medical Officer, Chief Epidemiologist and Chief Superintendent. These professionals informed the public via daily briefings on the news, and kept the country motivated and focussed during this dark time.


2. One of the safest places on Earth!

According to the Global Peace Index, Iceland has been ranked the most peaceful country in the world 12 times in a row, a position it has held since 2008. The main aspects this ranking considers are the political landscape, natural disasters, health risks and crime rates. Many visitors are often surprised to see babies left sleeping in prams outside shops and restaurants whilst their parents browse or drink coffee. Not only is this fresh air very healthy for the baby but it's completely safe and parents are encouraged to do this. So if you are uncertain as to where to travel next, then think no more as Iceland is your next safe destination!


3. On of the world’s least densely populated countries

A big and beautiful advantage of Iceland is our big open spaces and untouched nature. With only 360,000 living on the island this means that the population density is around 3.5 people to a square kilometer. This means that Iceland is on the top 10 least least densely populated places on earth. So when you are travelling in Iceland you can enjoy the unique landscape without running into crowds!


4. Small caring population 

The small population has made it, in a way, easier to react to the COVID19 crisis. There is a strong feeling of solidarity and awareness that is created in such a small population, where you know almost everyone in your country. Living on an island that experiences frequent natural crises such as eruptions, storms and avalanches has taught us to be resourceful, caring and shaped our strong sense of responsibility. We look after each other, and we look after visitors to our beautiful country.


5. Close to Nature

One of the best parts of Iceland is the short distances to everything, even remote untouched places. It only takes a few minutes to leave the capital city to be surrounded with extraordinary diverse nature. The short distance in between sites makes it feel like you have travelled for days, after experiencing such many different things. Take our south coast tour for example, where in a day you experience mountains, volcanos, glaciers, waterfalls, black sand beaches and stunning coastal features!


6. Location, location, location!

Iceland is located exactly on the North American and European tectonic plates making it a central location and gateway to either continents! Under three hours from Heathrow and five hours from Boston, Iceland is ideally located and accessible! However, our location in the North Atlantic has meant that the island feels secluded and provides a peaceful refuge for all visitors and inhabitants.


7. Clean air, fresh water and hot pools

Iceland can truly brag about it’s clean air and water; whether it’s crispy cold and fresh or boiling hot and bubbly! Icelanders take cleanliness very seriously and enjoy bathing in one of the many geothermal swimming baths run by their municipality or the more rugged pools found in nature. Visiting a swimming pool is a distinctive part of social life in Iceland. People meet in the pools with family, friends or co-workers. There are business meetings at lunch and dating scenes in the evenings!


8. The healing powers of untouched nature!

If there was ever a need to refresh and revive one’s spirit then now would be the time and the raw breath-taking nature of Iceland would be the answer! The nature here is unique and raw; full of volcanic activity, geothermal energy and rugged mountains! If your energy bank is dwindling, the Iceland is the perfect country to visit and to recharge those energy packs with the powerful presence of natural Iceland.


9. Iceland offers peace and quiet -  Find your inner peace!

If you truly want to live in the moment then Iceland is just the place for you! The untouched nature in all its glory will so easily take you to that place where you can just live in the now.


10. A great family destination

Iceland is the perfect destination for families, standing out as one of the most child friendly countries to visit. Safety is a key factor, and on your visit you will see children as young as 8 walking to school by themselves. Restaurants, cafes, shops and museums are all child friendly and all the members of society are respected and looked after. With children becoming increasingly disconnected from the natural world, Iceland offers the perfect opportunity for them to explore the full diversity of landscape. With forests, mountains, volcanos, beaches, waterfalls and geothermal activity there will be something to inspire even the smallest members of the family. This landscape is educational too! A rich historical and literary tradition supplements the unique geography and geology of the island. Many schools and universities in Europe and North America choose Iceland as a destination to complement their education programme. With so many unique attractions, sites and stories, the whole family will feel welcomed and inspired by Iceland.

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