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Iceland is a country bursting with a number of amazing adventures and experiences for people to come and experience. And you may find yourself surprised with the sheer amount that is on offer.

Here you will find a number of our favorite experiences, operated in tandem with our various partners. Whether you prefer a slower pace or something that will make your heart beat faster we are sure to have something for you.

Day tours on offer here include Horseback riding, whale watching, snowmobiling and even diving!


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Horseback riding

Icelandic horses have a high reputation with equestrian fans all over the world. These animals, though short in stature, are capable of 5 separate gaits including the famous Tölt, a four beat gait in which one hoof is always in contact with the floor is said to be so smooth that a rider could drink a pint while riding

Whale watching

Iceland is a country that has a long standing history with whales, Vikings would hunt these animals for food and resources as far back at the 12 century. Today there are many companies dedicated to the preservation and observation of these animals and you can join them to witness their majesty in the coastal waters that they call home.


When traveling to the cold climate of a country like Iceland one of the last things you may expect to do would be diving or snorkeling. You would be surprised though to learn that thanks to Silfra, an open water fissure between the tectonic plates of America and Eurasia, there is a highly active diving scene in Iceland. Many people flock to the country to experience drysuit diving in these crystal clear waters.


For those seeking a way to get the adrenaline flowing through their system, look no further than our snowmobiling options. These machines will take you on a high speed thrill ride across the seemingly alien, frozen landscape of Iceland's many glaciers.



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