Exclusive private tours from Reykjavik

Private tours of Iceland from the capital Reykjavik, offer excited tourists an incredible journey to some of the nation’s most famous locations, away from the crowds. Ideal for groups of families and friends, couples and solo adventurers, we have created a catalog of once in a lifetime tour packages. Guests on our custom-made Iceland private tours can look forward to a great guided trip, in the company of an experienced tour guide who can’t wait to share the best sights Iceland has to offer.

Each of our tour packages offers guests a unique look at a country that has gained a reputation for being the land of ice and fire, with its icy glaciers, cascading waterfalls and boiling geysers making up some of the country’s most visited tourist destinations. Taking just a day to explore each destination, even a week trip can have you checking off every item on your bucket list. And at the end of each day, you can look back at your photos and relive the experience all over again.

Fancy making our tours your own? At BusTravel Iceland we pride ourselves in running high-quality day tours to a number of popular destinations across Iceland such as the Golden Circle, the South Coast, the Glacier Lagoon, the Snæfellsnes peninsula and more. We offer these tours in our classic groups or in tailor-made private groups of up to 69 persons. 

With the use of our fleet of new tour buses and our highly trained drivers, guides and customer support staff we hope to make your Icelandic experience one that will leave lasting memories.

For those who want to make the most out of their time here in Iceland you may also want to consider our package deals, these offers will take the stress out of planning your holiday by offering pre-made itineraries.

See below for a full list of all of the private day tours we provide here at BusTravel Iceland. If there is something you are wishing to personalize a little more or a tour you do not see below, simply send an email to sales@bustravel.is and we will be happy to assist wherever we can.

Our best private tours Iceland deals

Covering everything from the crystal glaciers to black sandy beaches, these intimate private tours Iceland are without a doubt the best way to see the country. We currently have 4 private tour packages available, and each is affordable and give guests more than enough time to see everything they have come to experience.

Because travelling in Iceland is so affordable, you can book more than one day tour and complete your travels having seen it all. Iceland is a picturesque destination and among our private day tours, guests can travel to those places best known for viewing the Northern Lights, seeing the attractions on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, touring the entire Southern coast, or enjoying a trip around the Golden Circle.

Travel to Iceland today and embark on one of our memorable Iceland private day tours to any of these exciting destinations!