Reykjavík Culture

A selection of our personal favourite local experiences here in Reykjavík.

Bryggjan Beer & Brewery Tour

A world class beer and brewery tour where individuals and groups are offered a tasting platter of our beer that is brewed in our microbrewery along with a visit in our brewery and a brief but fun introduction from our staff.

30 Minutes kr 3,490
75 Minutes kr 2,200

Reykjavík Highlights Walking Tour

Explore Reykjavík's quaint old city centre with a local guide and experience the city's highlights.

2 Hours kr 6,990

Reykjavik Food Lovers Tour - Traditional Icelandic Food

On our Reykjavik food lovers tour, you get to try the real deal traditional Icelandic cuisine. Smoked puffin, Lamb soup, The famous Hot dog, Fermented shark, Minke whale steak and a delicious Skyr desert all await you on our unique food tour

3 Hours kr 14,990

Prison Break #1

A unique experience where groups of 2-12 people are locked in a room full of puzzles, brain teasers and secret passageways with 60 minutes to escape

1 Hour kr 5,000