Sleepless in The Midnight Sun

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  • 15 Jul 2018

Beautiful hike destinations in Reykjavik during the midnight sun in the summer season, take a look!

Sleepless in The Midnight Sun

Top Three Midnight Sun Walks

Can’t sleep with the midnight sun? Well, neither can I. As you lay in your hotel room, too tired for the bars, but not tired enough to sleep. A whole world awaits to be discovered in and around Reykjavik. Besides for the breathtaking sunsets that happen around midnight, there is so much more to experience. OK GET up, put some clothes on let’s go for a walk, you can sleep on the flight back from Iceland. Anyways, who wants to sleep when the sun is out and the streets are full of life? Below, I will give you some of my favorite spots in the city. They can be done during the day, but I think its best to do them at night….well night-ish.


Hljómskálagarður park

The first stop on my list of midnight sun walks is Hljómskálagarður park. This park sits on the southern part of downtown next to Tjörnin (the pond). This stroll is perfect if you want something short and not too far from the hotels. Here you have the scents of fresh flowers and wonderful views of the downtown area. A real picture-esque spot to capture both the pond and downtown Reykjavik. Sit in the park, watch ducks and ducklings swim in the ponds, and enjoy the sun dance across the sky.


Grotta Lighthouse

The next walk on my list is to Grotta. This is quite a far walk around 5 km from the city center. However, on a relatively warm – peaceful evening, this is fantastic! In the end, there is a nice foot bath. The views along the seaside make for some breathtaking pictures of the old harbor and Esja– the mountain overlooking Reykjavik. If you are lucky enough you can even see as far as Snæfellsjökull on a clear day. Also, you get to see so many wonderful houses in the old part of town, and some great street art which I will tell you about in another blog post. Sit along the sea side soak your feet and here is another great place to watch the midnight sun.



My last stop is Perlan, located on a hill in the south-eastern part of Reykjavik just near the local airport. About a 30 minute walk from down town. Well worth the walk for the view is priceless. You walk through a forrest with plenty of wild flowers and local wild life. Once at the top you have a wonderful view of the city and the sun setting behind the mountain.

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In 2010, Irena moved to Iceland, instantly enchanted by its breathtaking beauty. Her deep love for Icelandic culture and the natural surroundings fills her with excitement as she endeavors to convey these wonders to others through her photography and writing.

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