Food and Drink Tours in Iceland

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Icelandic food and drink tours


Despite having a climate that is incredibly counter intuitive to farming and growing things Icelanders have managed to find creative ways to generate a variety of produce. With a mixture of importing, geothermal powered greenhouses and the rich selection of live stock all tied together with a booming micro brewery scene you quickly learn that Icelanders are spoiled for choice when it comes to food and drink.

In particular Reykjavik is home to a number of fantastic restaurants and bars that offer up not just traditional Icelandic dishes but some excellent examples of dishes from around the world. Journeying from one end of Laugavegur (the main street) to the other can easily transport you from south America to Thailand and across Europe in nothing more than a few short steps.

With so much choice on display it can be hard to get your head straight and find the diamonds but thankfully we are here to help! Below you will find a number of food and drink based tours that will take the headache out of getting to sample the best and the brightest of Icelandic cuisine.