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Reykjavik’s old harbour is well known for its various whale watching experiences but during the summer month the Icelandic coast line become home to another popular form of seafaring animal life. The summer is the best time to experience the birds and wildlife of the bay and islands just outside Reykjavík city. Puffins, Auks, Gannets and an incredible variety of other sea birds dominate the skies and sea cliffs just a few minutes sailing from the Old Harbour. We endeavour to leave earlier than other companies to afford our guests a relatively uninterrupted chance to witness these birds in their natural habitat.
But that is not all, this tour is operated in our custom made RIB boats. They are specially designed to get you as close as possible to the islands and when possible we can switch the engines completely off to give the birds (and you) some peace and quiet to enjoy nature. During the tour your guide and captain will tell you interesting facts and tales about the Puffins and our surroundings.


  • RIB Boat tour

  • Puffins

  • Knowledgeable guide


Known to many as the “Clowns of the Sea” puffins are a species of Auk bird capable of flying, swimming and digging. During the summer months over half of the whole world's population of puffins travels to Iceland in order to nest and breed.

RIB Boats

Our RIB boats are especially made for the unique challenges of the Icelandic waters and are ideal for small group wildlife watching. They hold a maximum of 12 passengers and are able to travel at much higher speeds than your average boat.


Our day of boat based adventuring begins down at the reykjavik old harbour where you will meet us at the Elding office. Once you arrive you will be able to exchange your pre-paid voucher for an admission ticket onto our boat.

From there you will be guided onto the vessel by your captain and whisked out into the bay to observed the Puffins and other marine birds in their natural habitat.

Our RIBs are also the fastest boats in the harbour, meaning that on a short tour you will spend the majority of you time with the birds!
This tour lasts for one hour after which time we will return to the harbour so you can continue your Icelandic adventure.

What's included

  • Warm flotation suit
  • Excellent guidance
  • Necessary safety equipment
  • 1 hr RIB tour

What do I need to bring

Dress warmly for our northern ocean, so if you have it, bring warm outdoor clothing like a  wool or fleece sweater, some warm headgear and gloves. Sturdy shoes are recommended.



Guided Language

  • English
Price from: ISK 9990

1 Hour

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