Vegan Iceland

Written by Sam Daniels - 17 Jan 2018 5 minute read -

It’s no surprise that Iceland is a meat-eating country. Due to Iceland’s remote location and that is one huge volcano, very little grows here.

Traditional Icelandic dishes revolved around lamb and fish since these were the most common resources around. But today I’m not going to discuss the meat options but the vegan ones.
If you are vegan or vegan in training here are a few of my tips while trying to find food in Iceland.


1. Read the menu

Informing the server or staff that you are vegan is not enough. Vegan can be easily confused with being vegetarian here so read the menu and ask questions. For example, sometimes they use butter in rice


2. Cook at your accommodation

At the grocery stores here you can find plenty of vegan options.We recommend shopping at Kronan in Grandi. There they have plenty of meat substitutes, vegan cheeses, various nut or oat milk, and sauces. If you have time after your tours you can really cook a VEGAN gourmet meal.


3. Oumph

You can find Oumph in the frozen section at Kronan. This meat substitute has the texture of chicken and comes in many flavor options. My favourite is the BBQ. It takes a minute to prepare and with a few slices of bread and sliced veggies it’s perfect for a sandwich on the run.


4. Tours

While on your many tours or once you leave Reykjavik it will be very difficult to find vegan options other than rabbit food. I would recommend preparing your own food before heading out. If you make your way to the Golden Circle there is a wonderful Soup cafe at Geysir with wonderful vegan soup. Also in Snæfellsnes, there is a little cafe called Rjúkandi.

Here are just a few tips for keeping vegan in Iceland. If you have any other questions or recommendation please leave them below.

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