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Iceland and the shower etiquette

Written by Alexandra - 18 Oct 2018 2 minute read -

Welcome to Iceland!

We can understand the urge submerge yourself in the rich and beautiful locations of Iceland.

This island is made up of many volcanoes and glaciers which results in some of the most incredible activities to do all year round, in all weather conditions. A favorite activity that is memorable and relaxing for travellers and locals is the geothermal pools,and heated swimming pools. Public pools can be found in almost every city or village in the country. One of the most iconic and must see geothermal pools is Blue Lagoon, next would be Secret Lagoon. However WARNING the wow factor happens to many non natives of Iceland before entering the water.

We shower naked in Iceland! When visiting communal showering area Iceland requires you to bathe yourself properly and without your bathing suit before entering such pools or lagoons. This will mean nudity is not something to be ashamed of but expected. Water, hot and cold, is sacred to Icelanders. It’s one of the greatest natural resources. To share it with others you must be clean.

So strip down and submerge yourself in this beautiful culture Iceland has to offer.



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