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Icelandic Lava Show 

Are you fascinated with lava, volcanoes, and geology? Is seeing molten lava on your bucket list? Are you going to Iceland, the land of fire and ice? If the answer is YES, then you need to go see the Icelandic Lava Show in Vík. It is fast becoming a must see for everyone traveling to Iceland. Just look at the incredible reviews!

A unique experience

Icelandic Lava Show is the first and only live lava show in the world. They recreate a volcano eruption by melting real lava up to 1100 degrees Celsius (2000°F) which they then pour into a showroom full of people! It is literally the only place in the world where you can safely experience hot molten lava

The show is split into three main parts. 

  1. First, the live host gives a warm welcome to the visitors and explains all about this family startup and what is about to happen. When the host gives a warning that it's going to get really hot in the room, encourages people to remove some layers, and then starts explaining the evacuation procedures in case of Katla volcano erupting (Katla is one of the world's most dangerous volcanoes, situated only 20 km North of the beautiful town of Vík where the lava show is located) most people get quite excited.
  2. Then a short video begins, explaining why Iceland is so volcanically active, focusing on the surrounding volcanoes with special emphasis on Katla volcano. It then tells the story of one of the founder's great grandfather who was herding sheep really close to Katla volcano when she last erupted in 1918 and the dramatic course of events that followed. 
  3. After the video, everyone is asked to put on their security goggles (included in the price) before the lava starts pouring into the room. As the lights dim, you start hearing this rumbling sound as if the earth is shaking and then the lava starts flowing into the showroom like a sunrise, neon bright. As it flows into the lava slide and over the ice that is there, you can see the lava bubble and sizzle as the elements of ice and fire wage an epic war. You hear the lava bubbling, smell the melting minerals, but most of all, you suddenly are hit by the intense heat that fills the room like a transparent blanket, so hot that it's impossible not to be surprised. Once the lava starts cooling down, the impossible happens when the host starts to manipulate the lava, literally playing with it, creating all sorts of lava games while explaining how flowing lava works in nature. You get to see them create Pele's hair (called witches hair in Icelandic), and showcase how a lava tunnel and lava cave forms in nature. It is an educational, intimate, and thrilling experience, truly different from everything else you've ever witnessed. 

As the show draws closer to its end, the visitors are encouraged to ask questions in an open Q&A. For those interested, it is even possible to buy a back stage tour after the show, where you get to see the inner workings of how the lava is melted and even get to try on some lava-gear that is specifically used to work the lava-melting furnace. 

All in all, it's a one of a kind experience that has received high praise from people who've already visited and we thoroughly encourage people to add this to their itinerary when in Iceland. It is both family friendly, and gives a completely new understanding of Icelandic nature. This will likely be one of the highlights of your whole Iceland trip. 



Icelandic Lava Show is the only show in the world where you can safely experience real molten lava in close proximity.

Volcanoes are unpredictable in nature and you never know when one is going to erupt. What's more, volcano eruptions are often inaccessible or straight out dangerous so access to ongoing eruptions is often prohibited. And yet, getting up close and personal with real flowing lava is something many people dream about, especially when traveling to the land of ice and fire. 

Well, now for the first time, you can get real close to real flowing lava, hear it sizzling, smell the melting minerals, see the neon bright orange colors turn black as the lava cools and solidifies, and feel the intense heat that radiates from the lava. It is a unique and overwhelming experience, different from anything else you'll ever experience. 

Icelandic Lava Show, situated in the beautiful town of Vík in South Iceland, is a new and exciting entertainment choice that has absolutely blown people away as can be seen by the incredible reviews on TripAdvisor, Google, and other reviewing sites. It‘s a unique entertainment choice where visitors embark on an adventure about the power of mother earth that is both enlightening and exhilarating. It is fast becoming a must do for everyone traveling to Iceland. 

In short, the show recreates a volcano eruption, by melting real lava up to 1100 degrees Celsius (2000°F) and pouring it onto ice in a showroom full of people. Not only do you learn about the creation of Iceland and the volcanoes in the vicinity, you also experience the dramatic battle between ice and fire, see the host manipulate the lava, and learn about how it is to live in the shadow of one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. It is an educational, intimate and thrilling experience that gives a bright new understanding of the raw and stunning landscape of this volcanic island in the North.  

Come visit Icelandic Lava Show in the heart of Vík, the town nestled in the midst of Katla Geopark, where anything can happen!

What's included

Security goggles
Q&A at the end of the show
free lava piece from the show

What's excluded

It is possible to purchase a "behind the scenes" tour at ISK 990 per person (takes place after each show)
It is possible to purchase a soup at a discounted price of ISK 1500 if purchased at time of booking at
There are handmade lava-related souvenirs available for purchase at location

What do I need to bring

Your good mood and excitement to learn new things. The show is always the most fun when people interact with the host, ask a lot of questions, and are curious about what they're witnessing. And if you booked your tickets online, it's enough to show the electronic tickets at the counter, no need to print them out.

Important information

We advice people to remove some layers of clothing before the show starts as it can get very hot in the showroom once the molten lava starts flowing into the room. We also advice people to drink water before and after the show or even bring a drink with them into the showroom (recommended). Everyone is urged to keep their safety goggles on at all times during the show while there is lava in the showroom, not only while it is in molten form, flowing into the room but also and especially when the lava is cooling down and solidifying.

The show is a safe experience and the heat should not be an issue for most people but pregnant women, people with infants, and people with cardiovascular diseases are recommended to sit in the second row and/or close to the entrance just in case. If anyone starts to feel uncomfortable, they are free to leave the showroom at any time or ask the host to open the outer doors to let some cool air in. 

Cancellation policy

  • Cancellation fee of 100% if cancelled 3 days or less before departure
  • Cancellation fee of 50% if cancelled 7 days or less before departure
  • Cancellation fee of 25% if cancelled 30 days or less before departure



Guided Language

  • English


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