Reykjavik Winter Activities

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You have to be a special person to come to a cold, wet island during the winter time. If you are reading this, then I guess you are one of those special people. Even though Iceland has about 4 hours of sunlight during the darkest winter month; Reykjavik is teeming with life and plenty of things to do.

In this blog I will give you three of my favorite winter activities.


1. Going to the beach (Nautholsvik)

Okay, I know what you are going to say….I’m crazy to go to Iceland during the winter months for sure, but not crazy enough to lay on the beach, surrounded by SNOW!” Hear me out now, the beach is lovely! Not only do you have a wonderful view of the seaside, but you have a lovely hot pool and steam bath to soak in. Really relaxing way to pass these dark days.


2. Winter lights festival

Iceland is probably one of the best places in the world to have a winter lights festival, we have the one thing to make an event a huge success, plenty of darkness. It usually takes place in February for a couple of days and has events all around the city.


3. Sonar Music festival

Reykjavik is known for its down tempo music like Sigur Ros and Bjork. Any other time of the year they are wonderful to listen to but in February, I am sorry but we need something a little more lively to wake us from this deep sleep. Luckily we have Sonar music festival which brings plenty of electron and upbeat tunes to Reykjavik. This year the festival will take place the second week of March.


The winter months are really a wonderful time to visit. I hope you enjoyed this blog please leave a comment if you have any recommendations or comments. If you would like more information on traveling in Iceland also visit our Youtube channel.

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