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It was Led Zeppelin who once sang about Iceland “We come from the land of the ice and snow from the midnight sun, where the hot springs flow” in their famous hit ‘Immigrant song’. These lyrics come from the reputation Iceland has as being a country born of fire and Ice, a reputation that will become incredibly clear to you as you journey along our countries southern coast where glaciers and volcanoes await you.

On what is perhaps one of our most popular day tours you will get to see black sand beaches at Reynisfjara, glorious waterfalls (including one with a unique surprise) in the form of Skogafoss and Seljalandsfoss, Glaciers, Volcanoes and the sleepy little village of Vik

For nature lovers, this is NOT a tour to miss!


  • Seljalandsfoss Waterfall
  • Skógafoss Waterfall
  • Sólheimajökull Glacier
  • Walk and exploration in glacier landscape 
  • Reynisfjara black basalt beach and basalt columns
  • Village of Vík and Reynisdrangar seastacks


Start of the Tour from Reykjavík

After pick-up the bus starts from here on the journey.

Pick-up from accommodations and special Tour Bus Stops in central Reykjavik is between 8:00 and 8:30. Then the buses meet at 10-11 Kringlan and the tour departs from there at 8:30.

1. Hvolsvöllur

A small breakfast stop is made at a gas station in Hvolsvöllur.

This stop is aimed to get a small breakfast if needed and to use the bathroom before heading to the first attraction of the tour.

2. Skógafoss Waterfall

See huge amounts of water coming down from this waterfall!

Skógafoss Waterfall is 25 meters wide and 60 meters high. Experience the noise water can make falling down a cliff and be maybe lucky by seeing rainbows formed by the spray of this natural wonder.

3. Vík í Mýrdal

Welcome to the lovely village of Vík!

With only just about 320 inhabitants does Vík have a lot to offer. You can either have some lunch in one of the restaurants or take a short walk to the beach to have a look at the famous Reynisdrangar.

4. Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach

And here are we finally at the famous Black Sand Beach!

In Reynisfjara, or Black Sand Beach, you get to experience the raw and alluring force of the North Atlantic and its masterfully shaped basalt column cliffs. The site is equally beautiful as it is dangerous, and should be approached with a healthy level of awe and respect.

5. Sólheimajökull Glacier

Touch a real glacier at Sólheimajökull Glacier!

We take a short walk up to the glacier snout of Sólheimajökull, a sublet glacier of Mýrdalsjökull, where you can witness the dynamics of Icelandic glaciers, their formation, behaviour and rapid melting.

6. Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

Did you ever stand behind a waterfall? Give it a try at Seljalandsfoss!

This magnificent waterfall is 66 meters high and let's you even walk around it. But be careful: You might be soaked afterwards. On a good day you will also be seeing the Westman Islands or Vestmannaeyjar from here.

Return To Reykjavik


Your adventures along the southern coast of Iceland will begin in the city of Reykjavik with our fast and efficient pick up service. All you need to do is tell us where you are staying or the nearest approved pick up location and we will take care of the rest. Once we have all of our guests on board we will begin the adventure that will take us away from the buzzing capital to reach the serenity of the Icelandic countryside. The South coast of Iceland faces the north Atlantic ocean and as a result this area often faces the most extreme weather conditions in the country. Therefor we decide the order of places we visits, day to day, according to ever-changing Icelandic weather elements and micro climates. 

Skógarfoss Waterfall

Our first stop on this magnificent road is Skógafoss waterfall, standing right at the foot of Eyjafjallajökull volcano. This waterfall is one of the tallest of its kind in Iceland, dropping an awe-inspiring 60 meters down from old sea cliffs. The waterfall itself is incredibly gorgeous and for those who are willing, you can even climb a set of stairs and stand at the top of the waterfall to get a whole new perspective on the landscapes that you have just been travelling through. Be sure to take plenty of pictures of the waterfall but don’t get too close as the front rows will get wet!

Reynisfjara Beach

From mountain foots and waterfalls to the North Atlantic Ocean. The black sand beaches of Reynisfjara are next up. This strip of black volcanic sand is regarded as one of the most beautiful of it’s kind in the whole world with National Geographic going so far as to name it as one of their top 10 non-tropical beaches. The beauty of the beach does not only come from the black sands but also the striking formations of basalt columns that are found here in abundance and majestic sea-stacks, that could possibly be the petrified body of a troll that got caught in the sunlight!

Vík Village

On the other side of Mt Reynisfjall stands quirky village, Vík í Mýrdal. Vík is surrounded by beautiful features; bright green mountain peaks, black basalt sand, magnificent sea-stacks and a romantic country side church overlooking the town. Vík is the southernmost town on the whole island and a perfect spot to break for lunch. This old fishing town may only have a residency of 300 people but you will find more than enough here to suit your needs and help you recharge your batteries for the rest of the day ahead. There is also a lot of places here where you can buy handcrafted gifts that will be perfect reminders of your time in Iceland. Even with its small size, Vik is the only inhabited area for around 70 Km and with its close proximity to the Katla Icecap has a constant threat looming over it. It is believed that an eruption of the volcano under the ice cap would melt enough ice to flash flood the entire town but thankfully they practice regular evacuation drills to a nearby church whose elevation is believed to be high enough to keep everyone safe.

Sólheimajökull Glacier - Walk and Exploration

Refueled after lunch break we had to the stunning glacier worlds of, Sólheimajökull (The Glacier of the Sunny worlds). Sólheimajökull is a glacier tongue crawling down from Mýrdalsjökull ice cap which covers the beforementioned Katla volcano. A rough path takes you through sand, gravel and moraines until you reach the glacier landscape of Sólheimajökull outlet-glacier and it's glacier lagoon. Your guide will help you explore this icy worlds and take you as close to the ice as your endurance, conditions and safety allows each day. 

Please note: The exploration of the glacial landscape requires a walk on uneven terrain. Please keep in mind to wear good sturdy water-resistant shoes that preferably support your angle. 

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

The last stop of the day is a waterfall with a unique surprise!
Seljalandsfoss (Sell-ya-lands-foss) droops down from the foot of Eyjafjallajökull volcano which is old sea cliffs formed after last ice age. The sea has formed a depression in the rock enabling us to walk behind the waterfall and enjoy the scenery from the other side, when conditions are safe enough. Please don't forget to wear your waterproofs when you scoop behind the scenes. The spraying from the powerful water has no manners! Bring a few extra memory cards on this tour because you are likely to fill up several with pictures at this stop. Your camera will thank you!

After Seljalandsfoss we will once again hit the ring road (road 1) as we travel back through the Icelandic countryside to deliver you safely back to Reykjavik with a lifetime of memories to share with the people back at home.

What's included

  • Professional guide
  • Free WiFi

What's excluded

  • Pickup and dropoff
  • Food and drinks

What do I need to bring

  • Warm, water- and windproof clothing are always useful in Iceland.
  • Good sturdy shoes
  • All tickets are e-tickets so there is no need to print them out.

Important information

  • The duration of the tour is 10 hours
  • There is no food included on this tour but there will be stops where you are able to purchase food
  • Sólheimajökull glacier is a 20 min walk from the parking. Good shoes are very important.
  • Reynisfjara is dangerous! It may not look like it but it is.
  1. Please study the signs carefully
  2. Don’t go too close to the water
  3. Don’t turn your back to the water
  4. Follow the instructions from the guides!

Cancellation policy

  • Cancellation fee of 100% if cancelled 1 day or less before departure



Guided Language

  • English


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A really enjoyable and memorable tour

This tour was far more interesting and enjoyable than I expected! Having seen an amazing waterfall the day before on a Golden Circle tour I thought it would be more of the same. it certainly wasn’t! We got close to a glacier tongue which was the highlight of the tour for me but everything was awe inspiring and it was easy to take hundreds of photos. Even the landscape we passed on the coach journey was brought to life by our wonderful tour guide Alun, who although not a native Icelander, had all the enthusiasm and knowledge of a local. He made our trip extra special with his interesting stories and information. I recommend this tour highly. Despite being a long and tiring day it was well worth it. I just wish we had longer at each stop .

Review title

By Wendy Sands on 2023-02-22


An amazing tour! Geri, our tour host, was friendly and professional and he gave us a lot of useful and interesting information. The driver (sorry I don't remember the name) was super professional too. I did this tour during mid December and we only had 4 hours of lights a day, so you need to kind of "rush" to beat the darkness and make the most of the daytime. Despite not having much light hours, I found the tour was perfectly balanced and on each stop you had enough time to discover, taking pitcures and enjoying the place. I am a solo and independent traveller and I'm not used to go on organised tour, but I found this was perfect for me!

Review title

By Martina on 2022-12-13

Great landscape tour!

We highly recommend this tour!! Our guide IGA was super funny and told us very interesting stories and recommendations. The places we saw were amazing, and Iga and the driver (Peter?) offered us some extra stops!

By Paz on 2022-12-09

Absolutely magical

I wasn't sure if I would include this tour during my trip, but I ended up doing it on my last day. I am so glad that I did, all the spots were absolutely magical. I went on 12/12 so it definitely was cold but as our amazing guide said, when its colder the sights are even prettier. We were incredibly blessed to have Pertha ( Perla?) sorry not sure :) as our Guide, she made the trip 100% better with her energetic and positive attitude, all while educating us on Iceland and its history. I would 100% recommend this trip to anyone! This tour is truly for everyone, families, couples, and other solo travelers like myself.

Review title

By Bilal on 2022-12-12

Fantastic tour to go for!

GREATE tour to go for!! In this day we have seen so much Icelandic gems! All Iceland views are thrilling and something I definitely suggest going for. If you like ice- ou yes, we seen Glacier and I managed to lick the ice too! nice and cold :) Our tour guide: Gary -was very informative and punctual! Told so many things about his country. Also, I would like to mention traveling in buss long day could be a bit too much, but it was not as stops were broken up evenly. Our driver Stanislav was real professional driver, and I even had no moment to feel scared or nauseous. I definitely can say that as I had him for two days as my driver. 100% I suggest going for this tour and experience.

Review title

By Dace on 2022-11-26

Fabulous day with Devin and Tomek

Our family of 4 had an awesome experience on this tour. Our guide Devin and bus driver Tomek were not only very dashing in their stylish turtlenecks, but were the best hosts we could have hoped for. We enjoyed Devin's stories about moss, Iceland history and even Justin Bieber (On behalf of Canada, we apologize for Biebs' behaviour in Iceland!!). Devin has an obvious passion for all things Icelandic and it rubbed off on us! Almost 2 months after our trip, we're still explaining to friends and family how to pronounce Iceland's most famous volcano by saying "Hey, I forgot my yogurt!" very fast. Devin, wish we could have heard more stories about moss. They were truly exhilarating! Thanks again for a memorable day.

Review title

By Sharen on 2022-08-26

Замечательная поїздка!

Большое спасибі компани за предоставленную экскурсию по югу Исландии. Нам сильно повезло с погодой. Был тёплый, безветренный день. Красивая природа.Яркая зелень и мощь водопадов. Особенно впечатлили проход под стеной водопада!Ощутили всю энергию падающий воды. Чёрный грот базальтовой пещеры просто уникален. Такое чудо из столбов я видел только здесь. Все 10 часов протелети незаметно. Будем рады ещё посмотреть и другие туры компании.

Review title

By Виктор on 2022-09-02

South Coast

Unfortunately, the weather during the tour was not the best, despite this tour was amazing. Breathtaking waterfalls, a glacier and a black beach. Additionally, the tour was so amazing thanks to the best guide Monika and great driver Andrus.

By Karolina on 2022-08-08

Wonderful tour

Geri was fantastic. He was funny but even more he was very informative. I forgot the driver’s name but he was great as well. My only suggestion would be to add plugs in the seats to charge cellphones. I took so many pictures I ran the battery down.

By Karen/Roger Snyder on 2022-08-03

Chiara was fantastic!

Great, full-day tour with a fantastic guide. Chiara was an absolute delight, with a wealth of Icelandic knowledge that made the tour much more interesting. She was also pretty hilarious and made the bus ride fly by! Waterfalls and beaches were spectacular, and I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone visiting Iceland.

Review title

By David on 2022-06-24

South Iceland Coast

A great tour. Special thanks to our driver Lucas and our guide Rose. A very good guiding with many stories, legends and many information about touristic objectives, history of Iceland ...

By Ciocan Eduard on 2022-07-04

Wonderful tour with a great guide!

Not only does the tour cover some amazing spots, we've also got some extra stops on the way to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Our guide Iga was AMAZING (great knowledge and sense of humor, and her energy level is out of this world :D). We've felt taken care of, and had a great time.

By Anna on 2022-06-12

Awesome tour

Awesome tour and a awesome guide is a good combo. Got to see a lot of interesting and beautiful sights and places + lessons in everything from mythology to science.

By Andreas on 2022-06-08

Amazing experience

I had the pleasure to be guided by Monika, a amazing guide (knowledgable, helpful and very great energy) This was by far my favourite Tour on my 1 Week Iceland tour. The Waterfalls we saw were incredible especially Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, if you have the chance to walk behind the it go for it! it was totally worth it being completely drenched afterwards. My second favourite stop was definitely Reynisfjara Beach, even though I was hit by the "sneaky wave" and my feet got feet, it was worth every single moment of it. Thank you Monika for this amazing experience!!

Review title

By Kevin Ngo on 2022-03-27

South Cost tour with Monika

Our tour on the South Coast with Monika was absolutely wonderful. The scenes visited are marvelous, seeing the blue glacier is a unique experience, almost a "once in a lifetime" due to the rapid melting :( The black sand beach is such dramatic, majestic, beautiful but scary too, so you rather listen to your wonderful tour guide, Monika. Monika is a very energetic, well informed and funny tour guide. We really enjoyed the tour with her, she offered a lot of information, stories and all kind of references. I especially appreciateted that she played a lot of local Icelandic music, definitely new items on my list! I wholeheartedly recommend the tour and the team (Monika and Albert) to everyone who is interested in this unique area! Thank you for the experience!

Review title

By Ágnes Pakot on 2022-03-07


The South Iceland tour with Monika was fantastic. She was very informative and we learned a lot about the history, culture, economics, traditions, music, and geology of Iceland. We very much enjoyed the whole trip and the many stops. She even offered to take pictures of us and introduced us to Icelandic music, which we listened to in the breaks between the explanations. This made the experience even more magical. We also had a fantastic driver Michal. Highly recommended tour!

Review title

By Flavia on 2021-12-31

South Coast Waterfalls, Glacier & Black Sand

We had an absolutely fantastic time with bus travel Iceland throughout our stay; they're very efficient and a really friendly tour operator. The south coast tour was very well organised with enough time at each stop, the views were breathtaking and unlike anything we'd ever seen before and our guide Monika was knowledgeable, fun and kept us entertained with both her interesting stories and her playlist! Thank you for making our trip so memorable.

Review title

By Katherine Spoelma on 2021-12-09

Great trip & an even better tour guide

An excellent trip from start to finish some great sites to see, well worth it. Our tour guide was Ziggy Anton, he was fantastic, very witty & informative a good photographer too.

By Rachel & Allan on 2021-12-02


Another awesome tour. Our guide was excellent and she told us some amazing Icelandic sagas which where beautiful to hear as we where driving through the countryside. The waterfalls are awesome and worthy of a few pictures just be wary you can quite easily take hundreds of pictures. Black sand beach with the sneaker waves was an experience to see. The Glacier was just wow totally lost for words.

Review title

By Steven Crane on 2021-10-09

South Iceland Coast & Skogafoss Waterfall

Thanks to our guide the trip became an amazing discovery of the coast and all the points we went to. If you want to know what are you going to see and the history of that places, I would say the tour is highly recommend. Our guide proposed us some order of priority options regarding to an adequate weather to see all the beauty of the see sights we were going to visit. Thanks a lot.

Review title

By Lidia Alexandrova on 2020-07-30

South Iceland Coast & Skogafoss Waterfall

The trip was very well conducted. Simon , our tour guide was both knowledgeable and entertaining. I booked two tours with Bus travel and both were excellent.

By Susan John on 2020-08-14

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