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Join us on the ultimate volcanic and geothermal adventure only Iceland has to offer! We pick you up in Reykjavík and hike through lava moss-covered terrain to Fagradalsfjall Volcano where thousands of earthquakes formed the multiple volcanoes in Gelldingalur Valley. The beautiful backcountry of Reykjanes Peninsula offers a chance to experience geothermal wonders, natural phenomena, and places of stunning beauty! The senses are in for the ride of your life to the volcano eruption site, earthquakes moving continents apart, amazing scenery, and geothermal activity out of this world.

The lava surrounded fish-hangars, lake Kleifarvatn with its stunning beaches, Gunnuhver hot springs in Krýsuvík geothermal area, Fagradalsfjall Eruption, Reykjanesviti lighthouse, and coastal features along with the Bridge between two Continents where you can walk between two tectonic plates are just a few of the amazing places this tour has to offer.

Things to note:

  • This tour requires hiking to and back from the Fagradalsfjall volcano. 
  • The difficulty level of the hike is medium (Distance varies but can be around 8 km and 300 m elevation)
  • Price is per passenger


  • Fagradalsfjall Volcano eruption site
  • Mossy covered lava fields
  • Gunnuhver Hot Springs
  • Reykjanesviti lighthouse and sea-cliffs
  • Bridge Between two continents
  • Seltún Geothermal area at Krýsuvík
  • Reykjanes Peninsula
  • Lake Kleifarvatn


The erupting volcano in Icelands' Fagradalsfjall is ongoing for the first time in 7000 years and now is the time to come see nature wonder happening before our eyes. This true geothermal wonderland starts with a very scenic drive through fairy-like lava fields covered in a thick layer of green moss stopping by the scenic Lake Kleifarvatn before we hike into Geldingadalur Valley to see the live volcanic activity all around. You will be able to enjoy your packed lunch in the hike while seeing lava flowing from the volcano. On the way back from this unique experience seeing moss and land in the making we will drive through the Reykjanes Peninsula where previous volcanos have formed now rock hard formations and soft lava moss. The next stop is Gunnuhver hot springs where you will witness boiling spewing waters and feel the steam coming from the ground beneath you. A few minutes away is photogenic Reykjanes Lighthouse and the Valhnúkamöl boulder ridge where we breathe in the pure ocean air and admire the battle-hardened cliffs and sea stacks formed by the Atlantic ocean. Before heading back to Reykjavík we visit the Bridge between Continents where earthquakes have made a rift between the Eurasian & North American tectonic plates where you have a chance to walk between the continents.

Fagradalsfjall Volcano

An active volcano and naturally warm healing waters is something that you don't see every day and in this tour volcanic- and geothermal activity run the scene to make this a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The beautiful backcountry of Reykjanes Peninsula offers variated scenery, natural phenomena, and places of stunning beauty and is only a short distance from Reykjavík! Being so close to the nature-surrounded capital Reykjavík, a tour to the active volcano in Geldingadalir and gives you the great opportunity to visit a number of interesting places at a relaxed pace without much time spent on the road.

The Peninsula of Reykjanes is a true volcanic wonder hosting unique natural phenomenon; open rift zones, mossy covered lava-fields, geothermal fields, mountain lakes, fishing villages, and breathtaking coastal features. Reykjanes lies on one of the world’s major plate boundaries, the Mid Atlantic Ridge in between the tectonic plates of Eurasia and North America, drifting apart from one another resulting in open fissures and volcanic activity.

Lake Kleifarvatn

Kleifarvatn is the biggest lake in the volcanic Reykjanes Peninsula surrounded by palagonite and sandstone mountains that once were formed in eruptions under the ice. The lake is decorated with black basalt beaches and beautiful rock formations sculpted by the weather elements throughout the centuries. Kleifarvatn is highly affected by earth movements that are frequent in the area that have drained the lake in the past and given birth to new hot springs, now underwater. The Lake’s folklore gives this stunning place an extra mysterious feeling.

Grindavík Fishing Village

The drive through the southern part of the peninsula is beautiful. Thick lava fields meet the Atlantic Ocean creating dramatic scenery all the way to Grindavík fishing village. Grindavík is one of Iceland’s main fishing harbors where everything turns around fishing. It’s the ultimate place to get into the Icelandic fishing culture and to have fresh fish lunch.

Grindavík is a beautiful Icelandic fishing town with one of the most active harbors in the country. The town’s population, 3300 people, bases its livelihood on the fishing or fish-related industry. Grindavík provides about half of Iceland’s salt fish production.

Gunnuhver Hotsprings

The saltwater-fueled bubbling mud pots and hissing steam vents at Gunnuhver hot springs are next in line after lunch. The hunted mud spring at Gunnuhver is constantly spewing dense, cloudy steam reaching up to 300 degrees Celcius. Close to it stands one of Iceland’s Geothermal stations, producing electricity from the hot steam and harnessing hot water for central heating. The combination of the steamy cooking ground along with the station house and its boreholes and pipelines create a surreal scenery that could easily be mistaken for a setting in an out-of-this-world science fiction movie.

Named after a female ghost, Gunnuhver is Iceland’s largest mud pool with it’s 20 meters wide violently boiling earth alimented by overheated salted seawater. It’s a strong legend, loud roaring and powerful sulfurous vapor gives the sites a truly mystical atmosphere.

Reykjanesviti Lighthouse & Coastal Features

Onwards to the majestic Reykjanesviti lighthouse to take in the breathtaking coastal features at the Reykjanes toe witnessing Valhnúkamöl boulder ridge, sea-cliffs, sea-stacks, and skerries very animated in spring and summer with sea birds nesting in the area. Reykjanesviti lighthouse is Iceland’s oldest lighthouse and sits on the “toe” of the Reykjanes peninsula. It’s surrounded by spectacular coastal features; seacliffs, sea-stacks, skerries and islands, under the constant attacks of the North Atlantic Ocean. Various types of sea birds nest in the area in spring and summer, creating one the worlds gannet colonies on Eldey island.

Bridge between Continents

A short drive takes us to the geological wonders of the Bridge between the continents, one of the very few places in the world where drifting apart of two tectonics places is visible on land and a unique opportunity to walk from the Eurasian tectonic plate to the American.

The Bridge between Continents is a 15-meter footbridge spanning a gaping rift between the Eurasian & North American tectonic plates. The lava-scarred peninsula lies on the Mid Atlantic Ridge where two major tectonic plates drift apart by the Earth’s forces, few centimeters each year. It’s the only place where this longest mountain ridge on the planet is not under sea level. The bridge between continents give you a unique opportunity to walk between the two tectonic plates where North America and Europe drift apart.

We lounge the northern part of the Peninsula as we had back to the city. Count on an hour for your smooth ride back to Reykjavík.

What's included

  • Experienced guide for the tour and hike.
  • Wi-fi on board.
  • Hike to Fagradalsfjall Volcano.
  • Parking and admission fees.
  • Use of a headlamp

What's excluded

  • Meals & drinks

What do I need to bring

  • Warm first layer of clothing and a waterproof second layer.
  • Comfortable hiking shoes.
  • Water and snacks
  • Hiking poles are recommended, they can also be rented from BusTravel Iceland.

Important information

  • The duration of the tour is around 10 hours.
  • There is no food or drinks included on this tour but there will be a stop where you are able to buy lunch.
  • Volcanoes are a natural phenomenon and the level of volcanic activity at the site varies from day to day. Even though the volcano is not erupting during your visit, visiting the area is still fascinating.

Cancellation policy

  • Cancellation fee of 100% if cancelled 1 day or less before departure



Guided Language

  • English


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Just wow!

Thank you Siggy you really made my day! Keep your good mood, sens of humour and your passion for your work!

By Valentin on 2023-03-27

Thank you Chiara

Thanks for everything, Chiara you were so happy and you gave as an amazing experience in this hiking !

By Dimitri on 2022-12-14

Long travel, but very nice experience

I was not aware that people in the bus were going to different destinations. We made many many stops for Blue Lagoon, toilets, buy lunch, .... From Reykjavik to the parking for the start of the hike, it took 2h40 (instead of 45 minutes if it was direct). And we did only 1 of the stops of the program more than the volcano. Either way, it was worth the wait. The hike to the volcano was difficult, but totally fine for people used to walking a bit. The spectacle of molten lava gushing from the forming crater is truly incredible and well worth it! It's a real chance to be able to attend once in your life.

Review title

By Régis on 2022-08-10

So many souvenirs & clean Water

Very cool and informative tour! Our guide Omar was awesome! Our first stop was at a lake where the water was so clean and tasty that I filled up both my bottles. One of the highlights of the tour was definitely the visit to the lava fields at the Fagradalsfjall Volcano (My pockets were full of cool lava stones!). I was a bit sad that we couldn't see the volcano erupting but that was fine. The coastal tour was also very cool to see. It felt like we were on a different planet everytime we stepped out of the bus. Highly recommend this tour and Omar, he was really informative and helpful!! (By the way if you guys have the chance to eat at Papa's Restaurant go for it the fish and chips were great)

Review title

By Kevin Ngo on 2022-03-31

Great fun!

Our tour guide HBO was great! The bus was really comfy and warm (big plus) didn't feel rushed at all at any of the stops and hbo was very friendly and knowledgeable always happy to answer any questions and have a chat. The place we stopped at for lunch although not included in the cost was really good too! Highly recommend any tours with this company

Review title

By Natasha on 2022-01-17


We had a fantastic day with our tour guide Iga. She told us many of Icelandic folkloristic stories and even sang a song for us. It was a very fun day. We greatly enjoyed the volcano hike, the geothermal stops and the panoramic views, and we learned about traditions, habits and culture of Icelandic people. Iga made sure we walked safely towards the volcano and brought lots of positive energy to the tour. Five stars. Highly recommended!

Review title

By Flavia on 2022-01-03

Tommy A+ guide

From pick up to drop off Tommy was fun, loads of info,,, most of it which Iceland gave the world disco music to mention one. Every place we went Tommy gave us time to enjoy,, the fish n chip places was very nice but with Iceland being so hot,,, ask for a visit the the wave Kettle,,, one of the high-lights of a full day out. The volcano hike, you gotta be fit, but views from the top are worth it.

Review title

By Ian Robson on 2021-11-12


This was an AMAZING experience! This tour was the highlight of our trip. Our guide - Simon - was incredible. He was friendly, informative and approachable. He ensured that everyone had a good time and he was very knowledgeable. The sights were stunning. I couldn’t recommend this trip enough.

By Sam on 2021-11-10

Amazing tour guide

Pick up place was far and a little crazy (bus stop 12 - 15 mins walk from our hotel in downtown Reykjavik). We got on the bus that dropped us to get on another bus. However, the tour was amazing. Our tour guide, Simon, was excellent. He’s very knowledgable and patient since I was super slow on the volcano hike. We didn’t see lava or the eruption but still worth the hike. We got to see many places other than the volcano. I would recommend this!

Review title

By Natnisha on 2021-09-10

Lava worth the trip

The weather did not cooperate so didn’t see the volcano, but the lava field was enough of a ‘wow’ to make it worthwhile anyway. I enjoyed it all even though I was completely soaked throughout. The guide Asgear (Asgear, I remembered your name!) was great. Trudging around in wet weather must get old, but his spirit was lively throughout. I would do it again, but only if weather was better.

Review title

By Mo on 2021-08-23

Active Volcano and Reykjanes Sightseeing tour

Loved our tour guide, Aisgarr (hopefully I remembered his name correctly!) The sights were exquisite.

By Fonde Taylor on 2021-08-05

Active Volcano and Reykjanes Sightseeing tour

The tour was great and our guide was fantastic. We had a nice hike up to see the crater, were we had our lunch, and also some time to spent at the lava-field. Then a part of the group was dropped off at the Blue Lagoon and we went on to visit some other sites. A great day!

By Sofieke Van der Velde on 2021-08-04

Active Volcano and Reykjanes Sightseeing tour

The volcano tour is well organized. Both, the driver and the guide are very professional. I totally recommend this tour.

By Cristina Urbina Pons on 2021-08-01

Active Volcano and Reykjanes Sightseeing tour

Very nice tour ! After some hot springs, we went for the Volcano. The hike is rather steep and especially the descent was quite demanding but the view on the volcano was great ! Unfortunately the volcano was rather in a lazy mode :-(. Our guide Asgeir was very enthusiastic and full of humour but he also gave us lots of useful & relevant information. A very nice day which we recommend !

Review title

By Bart Desplenter on 2021-07-27

Active Volcano and Reykjanes Sightseeing tour

Great experience. Our guide, Àsgeir, was excellent - funny, knowledgeable, experience, practical and had just the right balance of talking and allowing periods of quiet just to enjoy the awe of the scenery, etc. The stop for lunch at a fish restaurant was unexpected; I had brought a packed lunch and was surprised at this additional expense (although it was optional - I could have said no - but actually well worth the money in the end!) Overall, the tour was superb and very well presented. I'd have no hesitation in recommending the quality and value of the trip.

Review title

By Fraser Boyd on 2021-07-27

Active Volcano and Reykjanes Sightseeing tour

Great experience. Our guide, Àsgeir, was excellent - funny, knowledgeable, experience, practical and had just the right balance of talking and allowing periods of quiet just to enjoy the awe of the scenery, etc. The stop for lunch at a fish restaurant was unexpected; I had brought a packed lunch and was surprised at this additional expense (although it was optional - I could have said no - but actually well worth the money in the end!) Overall, the tour was superb and very well presented. I'd have no hesitation in recommending the quality and value of the trip.

Review title

By Keerthivasan Ambigapathy on 2021-07-25

Active Volcano and Reykjanes Sightseeing tour

Exploring the volcano and the Reykjanes peninsula was a great experience. The tour guide was knowledgeable, humorous, and engaged the group well. They followed the pace and pulse of the big group and reacted well to any exigency that came up. Highly recommended and a good value for money.

By Keerthivasan Ambigapathy on 2021-07-25

Active Volcano and Reykjanes Sightseeing tour

A very helpful staff. Your bus driver went way out of his was to assist us and I greatly appreciate his service.

By George Bemis on 2021-07-26

Active Volcano and Reykjanes Sightseeing tour

The trip was lovely! We made a lot of little stops that weren't on the posted itinerary but they were all very pleasant surprises that enriched the experience. The tour guide, Simon, was very cognizant of the group's needs and desires and did a great job accommodating everyone and ensuring everyone's safety and comfort. He was also friendly and knowledgeable; I felt welcomed to his homeland and learned something about the culture and history from his stories.

Review title

By Amy Werner on 2021-07-21

Active Volcano and Reykjanes Sightseeing tour

Excellent… our guide was lovely

By Susan Parker-Leavy on 2021-07-23

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