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Iceland’s South Coast is a true natural beauty, as numerous popular attractions lie along the coastal line.  380 km (236.12 miles) from Reykjavik is the astonishing highlight; Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon and its surrounding wonderland, truly one of a kind.

The sheer force of nature has carved one of the outlet glaciers from Vatnajokull ice cap, Iceland’s largest and Europe’s most voluminous glacier, and formed Jokulsarlon and the Diamond Beach. The beach’s black-velvet-textured sand is scattered with big and small blocks of ice. Coming into existence in the 1970s, the Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon and its vicinity became a symbol of Iceland’s pure and ever-changing nature. We also check out the neighbouring Fjallsárlón lagoon.

We will also make several stops along the way. The the hidden gem Stjórnarfoss waterfall, The mysterious Seljalandsfoss - the waterfall you can walk behind; the charming, seafront town Vík, famous for its black sand beach and home to the majestic Reynisdrangar sea stacks.

This 14-hour day tour, our longest, is filled with impressive attractions and picturesque landscapes, making the journey unforgettable. It’s also one of the most praised day tours in Iceland.


  • Fjallsárlón Glacier Lagoon
  • Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon
  • The Diamond Beach
  • Jokulsarlon boat ride (optional extra)
  • Stjórnarfoss waterfall
  • Vík Village with Reynisdrangar sea stacks photo opportunity
  • Seljalandsfoss waterfall


Our day tour will begin with a fast and efficient pick-up service. We will collect you from either one of the hotels in the center of Reykjavik or one of the many designated pick-up stops in the city. Once  we have all of our guests on board, we will begin our exciting journey.

Heading out to South Iceland via Route 1, you  can expect to see iconic sceneries on both sides: silver-topped glaciers, black sand lowland, mossy lava fields, and the glistering Atlantic ocean beaconing afar. The South Coast of Iceland is full of dramatic scenes.

Fjallsárlón Lagoon

The first stop of the day is at Fjállsárlón, a stunning lagoon with the immense Fjalljökull and Vatnajökull glaciers reaching all the way to the lagoons surface. Indeed it is these glaciers that supply the lagoon with the icebergs that float and bob all over.

Photo by Harshad Kale on Unsplash.

Though smaller and less famous than the more heralded Jökulsárlón, this location has the benefit of much fewer visitors, allowing you to enjoy the magnificent views in relative tranquility.

Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

After a few hours of driving, we will reach our first destination, the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, praised as Iceland’s crown jewel. It’s located near the Vatnajokull National Park, about 380 km (236.12 miles) from Reykjavik.

Jökulsárlón in summer

Jokulsarlon is popular for its stunning beauty and ever-changing appearances. It also inspired many moviemakers to give their work a unique touch. James Bond movies Die Another Day and A View to a Kill shot here as well as Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Batman Begins and The Northman all shot scenes in this area.

Jokulsarlon is created by the Breiðarmerkurjökull glacial tongue, one of the outlet glaciers from Iceland’s largest ice cap Vatnajokull. In the 1970s, the retreating glacier left a huge pond near the coast that eventually became Iceland’s deepest lake.

Another feature you will notice in the glacier lagoon is the floating icebergs, which glow in different shades of blue. Some of them even have brownish stripes, due to the ash sediment from volcanic eruptions decades ago.

After the iceberg calves off from the glacier, they roll, tumble, and drift around the lagoon, making them change colors, shapes, and appearances frequently. Over time, they break down into smaller pieces and are washed out to the sea. It’s absolutely breathtaking to watch.

Summer is a fantastic time to explore the lagoon as you may want to join a boat ride to sail among the icebergs, which is an optional extra. Seeing the floating icebergs close up is overwhelmingly unforgettable. Jokulsarlon also hosts vivid wildlife. Arctic terns nest close by, lovely seals swim around or rest on icebergs, you get to experience the purest element of Iceland’s nature.

Diamond Beach

Right next to Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon is Diamond Beach. It refers to the black sand beach on both sides of the lagoon’s bank, as an extension of the vast Breiðamerkursandur glacial outwash plain.

Diamond Beach ice in summer

The icebergs that broke away from the glacier tongue wander into the lagoon before being washed ashore. Some still immense and blue, some tiny and crystal, these pieces of glacier ice scatter on the black sand beach, forming an eye-pleasing contrast. Truly one of a kind experience.

You may find some peacefulness walking in the fresh sea air, and maybe even some playfulness from the seals playing in the surf.

After you visit the lagoon and the beach, we will then head back to the capital along the south coast, stopping at several iconic attractions on our way.

Stjórnarfoss waterfall

The surprising attractions keep coming, as we explore more of the South Coast of Iceland.  We will take a small detour to see an attractive yet lesser-known natural wonder, Stjórnarfoss waterfall. It’s a highly-recommended attraction for a Ring Road trip itinerary, which is why we want to show off  this venture off-the-beaten-track landmark.

Stjórnarfoss Waterfall

Stjórnarfoss waterfall cascade falls in two stages, both about 15 meters (49.21 ft)  high. The lower drop falls over a dome-shaped rock in the form of an eye-pleasing symmetry. The photogenic waterfall has attracted many photographers for its unique appearance. Originating from the Stjórn river off of Mount Geirlandshraun, Stjórnarfoss streams out from a valley, creating a mysterious atmosphere.

Vík Village and Reynisdrangar Sea Stacks

A charming seafront village, Vík í Mýrdal is small with only 300 inhabitants, but filled with amazing natural wonders as Iceland’s southernmost village. Several stores and gift shops with great options are found here for visitors to recharge and shop for souvenirs.

Vík church view

The unique nature gives Vik vibrant colors in summer. The black sand beach at Vik is a top-rated destination for its diverse sceneries, and marvelously sculpted sea stacks.  It all helps to fulfill visitors’ imaginations, with the sound of heavy tides splashing and creating a dreamy, misty world.

Use the stop at Vík to take a picture of the magnificent Reynisdrangur sea stack in the distance.

Seljalandsfoss waterfall

One of Iceland’s most well-known, most popular waterfalls, Seljalandsfoss waterfall is fed by the glacial meltwater from the famous/notorious  glacier volcano Eyjafjallajokull. Falling from a 60-meter cliff, Seljalandsfoss hosts a special surprise.

Walking path behind Seljalandsfoss

When conditions are allowed, visitors can walk behind the cascade and take a look at the entire area from behind the fall for a spectacular panoramic view.

After the visit to the waterfall, it takes about two hours to reach the capital. We will head back to our bus and hit the road to Reykjavik via Route 1.

What's included

  • Professional guide
  • Free WiFi

What's excluded

  • Pickup and drop off
  • Food and drinks

What do I need to bring

  • Warm, water- and windproof clothing are always useful in Iceland.
  • All tickets are e-tickets so there is no need to print them out.

Important information

  • A 30 minutes boat ride on the Glacier Lagoon can be purchased on the bus for ISK 5900 per person.
  • Food and drinks are not included but can be purchased on the way, there is time allocated for lunch. We will also make a dinner stop, likely in Vík, on the way back to Reykjavík
  • The duration of the tour is 14 hours. Please be aware that the tour could run long if affected by bad weather or other delays.

Cancellation policy

  • Cancellation fee of 100% if cancelled 1 day or less before departure

Guided Language

  • English


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Absolutely Amazing!

It was one of the most fulfilling days of our entire trip! Our guide, Iga, and driver, Lukas, were so hilarious, welcoming, kind, and so much fun to be around! Most of the spots listed here we did go, however we did not make a stop at Stjórnarfoss, Fjallsárlón, and the Reynisdrangar sea stacks. It was still a great tour nonetheless as the entire day was packed with places to go! We even took a boat ride in Jökulsárlón which was very fun! Iga was very knowledgable and shared lots of stories and histories about Iceland during the entire drive. It made the long ride very pleasant and fun! Iga even shared and played some songs that were fitting to the views during the ride which was very nice! Lukas was hilarious as well and he was very witty. They both made a great team and made the entire tour fun and hilarious! Absolutely loved it and would definitely book another tour if I could have Iga and Lukas again! Definitely a tour you must book if you stumble upon this page! Don't miss out on it! :)

Review title

By Angelina on 2022-09-16

One of the highlights of our Icelandic trip!

My mom and I were only in Iceland for four days and wanted to take in this country's lush landscapes without wearing ourselves out. This 14-hour tour of the South Coast was perfect, thanks to our lovely, knowledgeable and witty tour guide Iga and our amazing driver Tomak, who was probably a Le Mans driver in a past life. The boat ride on the Glacier Lagoon is a MUST as the close-up view of icebergs on the calm lagoon water was absolutely astounding. Plenty of food trucks near the Glacier Lagoon if you opt out on the boat ride and want to walk around instead. Diamond Beach was beautiful, and we were able to see not only Stjórnarfoss and Seljalandsfoss waterfalls but another bonus waterfall on our toilet break. Because we did great on time, we even stopped by the mossy lava fields at Katla Geopark. On the way to dinner near Black Sand Beach at Viks, Iga entertained us with lots of great Norse mythologies and urban legends. On the drive "home", we lucked out on a gorgeous sunset against a clear sky, accompanied by Iga's wonderfully curated playlist. It's a long trip, but you get a lot of bang for your buck without feeling being hurried at any point. Thank you, Iga and Tomak!

Review title

By Betty on 2022-09-03

Worth it!

On the second attempt we made it to the glacier! What an experience! We booked this tour with the aim of visiting the Glacier lagoon. Unfortunately the weather (the wind) turned against us and we were prevented from driving the full tour. Instead we were taken on a brisk walk at the top of a canyon and visited a wonderful restaurant, Kjarr, near Systrafoss in the village of Kirkjubæjarklaustur eating fresh local fish. Bus Travel Iceland accommodated us free of charge on the same excursion the following day. This time we made it to the lagoon. Out on the water we brushed past icebergs and caught a glimpse of the seals. Close ups of ice on Diamond Beach. We even had time to stop at Seljalandfoss and take the footpath behind the waterfall and then on to watch the puffins. Thank you Arni and Yona (and your drivers Lucas and Tomak) for two wonderful tours, sharing with us your knowledge and passion for the country. Long days but great experiences, exceptional value for money and customer care.

Review title

By Andrew on 2022-07-07

Best Day Ever

You can’t get a better, more fulfilling day if you are looking to pack a lot in to one day. The tour was personal and didn’t feel commercial. The food recommendations and local information our guide gave was spot on. If you can, sit on the left (North) side of the bus to see everything on the way out to the lagoon.

Review title

By Carin Tinney on 2022-07-11

Great guide and driver, great trip overall, itineraries not accurate

I accidentally purchased this tour through a third party and neither their itinerary nor the one here on this website was quite accurate. Theirs mentioned another waterfall stop (Skogafoss) that did not occur. This one mentions a second glacier lagoon (Fjalljokull) and sea stacks that we would stop at, which also did not occur. However, even with these discrepancies, I had a wonderful day! The bus was clean and comfortable with WiFi. We had plenty of toilet breaks. The driver, Tomak, did a nice job and I never felt motion sickness, which I sometimes experience on buses. The guide, Howser, was a very genuine, warm, friendly, knowledgeable person who taught us a lot, made us laugh, and took good care of us. I did not like any of the foods I ordered for lunch at the truck stop, but I do understand that this trip goes into the country with very few options for large groups to eat quickly. I would suggest just packing your lunch and not eating there. However, dinner was better with a few restaurants to choose from at the service center, plus a grocery store inside. I chose Lava Cafe and it was delicious. Most of all, the itinerary was well planned out so we got off the bus frequently and even with such a long day, it really flew by! This was the best-done bus trip of the various operators that I traveled with in Iceland. Bus Travel wins my repeat business if I return to Iceland.

Review title

By Jennifer on 2022-06-19

We Can't Get Over It

This was one of the best parts of our trip. Our guide, Tom, was phenomenal, engaging, interesting and funny. We learned so much and have so many incredible memories and beautiful photos from the experience. We can't wait to go back.

By Stephanie on 2022-06-12

Best tour guide!

I’ve been to Iceland twice and have gone on many tours, and Iga is by far the best tour guide I’ve had. She had a great energy and joked with us the whole time. Not only did she give us facts about the places we were visiting, but she talked about Norse mythology, Vikings, elves/trolls, and Icelandic culture. I usually put on my headphones during these long drives, but I was interested in everything she had to say. She’s a great storyteller. I had the best time on the tour, and she was a part of that. And I have to mention that she’s ridiculously good looking, like Lagertha from Vikings.

Review title

By Stephanie Garcia on 2022-06-11


An unforgettable trip to Jokulsarlon and more. Unique landscapes, strong emotions. Our guide Simon, was simply the best, so professional, so kind, so helpful, and a magnificent storyteller, his guidance added an extra value to this wonderful trip.

By Rossella on 2022-05-18


I loved this tour. Iceland is breathtaking. Thanks for all of the info given during this extremely long tour, which was worth every minut of it. Thank you Hjortur Howser.

By Irene on 2022-04-28


This hike was beautiful, and what made it so was not only the beauty of Iceland, but also the guide Hjortur Howser, his passion for nature is overwhelming!!! He didn't get tired for a single moment of explaining to us all the secrets of Iceland! We learned a lot and in places a bit 'dangerous has also accompanied the whole group safely! So far I have participated in 4 excursions with bus travel iceland, he is the NUMBER 1!!! I hope you read this review to thank him from the bottom of my heart!!!! THANK YOU

Review title

By Mariateresa Balzano on 2022-04-19

Awesome tour

Our Guide for this long trip was Tomas. Very cool and laid back dude with some very interesting informations about the surroundings and the vikings. His music taste was also really great (By the way he is an great musician too so ask him if he could play a song of his or of his daughter). The tour itself was quite long compared to the other tours I was on but nevertheless worth every penny. My personal favourite memory was to had the privilege to experience the breaking off of an glacier. My second favourite experience was to stand right underneath a hidden waterfall at Seljalandsfoss waterfall, it was a bit tricky to get there but once you managed it it was simply amazing!! Unforgettable Trip!!

Review title

By Kevin Ngo on 2022-03-30

Fantastic trip

It was such an amazing day out to Glacier lagoon with bustravel. I wouldnlike to thank custom servier Monica and day trip driver plus guider Andy for their friendly help. Monica is very fast response for the phonecall and she helped me fix the online payment problem. So I was able to go on my trip today. Andy was not only a good driver but also a big saver. Couple of us was planing to going on a northern light tour. Andy made our way back ealier so we finally saw the northern light show. Plus the trip is in small group (mini bus)with cheap price.

Review title

By Lijun on 2022-03-13


This tour was absolutely beautiful! Our tour guide; Tom was so friendly and the bus itself is very comfortable. It is a long day, so be prepared with some snacks, but plenty of stop offs for food/WC. My partner proposed to me on Diamond Beach so this tour is unforgettable!

By Jas on 2022-03-03

The best tour- must do

If you have two days in Iceland, book this tour for one day and you will see the most amazing and unique natural wonders Iceland has to offer. The tour started on time, we had Omar as our guide and driver. He was extremely generous and very kind throughout the entire day. He made sure everything went smoothly and introduced us to the history and nature of Iceland through jokes and stories. We had enough time to rest throughout the day and also enjoy the sites. He was patient, helpful and very knowledgeable. The northern lights showed up and he was so ki d to stop amd show us and take pictures in the cold for 45 minutes. The choice of sites to visit, each one of them are marvels and I would return to Iceland in a different season to experience them again with BusTravel. Thank you.

Review title

By Indu on 2022-02-04

Amazing tour to Glacier Lagoon

We really appreciate our driver and tour for his dedication to make this trip an amazing experience. He was enthusiastic about introducing this beautiful south coast of Iceland to us. It was a long drive, but he was able to fill the trip with interesting events, history, and tales of Iceland along the way that the trip was informative and full of surprises. The scenery is breathtaking at the Diamond Beach and the Glacier Lagoon. It was definitely worth the drive! Too bad the boat ride was canceled due to the unsafe conditions at the lagoon, I guess it give us a good reason to visit this beautiful lagoon again.

Review title

By Cheng Family on 2021-12-03

The fascinating glaciers

There is no point in coming in Iceland and not seeing glaciers as close as possible. This tour is, in fact, about two main terminus points: the glacier lagoon (the boat tour is a must for a complete experience) and diamond beach. Of course, waterfalls and Vik complete the picture but depending on season. In November there is not enough light to get everything on the list. Our driver and guide was Omar. Very professional, excellent stories along the way, good attitude towards each passenger. Many thanks for the care and the company! We enjoyed the tour with him and even if we could not see the waterfalls at return, because it was already dark, the main points - the glacier lagoon and the diamond beach have been reached. Boat tour was great and completed the experience, especially because weather was also great on the day. A minus point - most of the time, in the minibus was too hot and sometimes very difficult to cope with this.

Review title

By Dana Robota on 2021-11-19

To the Glacier Lagoon with the most amazing guide...

The trip to the Glacier Lagoon was an unforgettable experience! I was lucky enough to have Tommi as a guide. The landscape was one of a kind and although we had a lot of rain during our trip, Tommi managed to make it great. I appreciate a lot his love for the nature, sharing with us great music played by himself and his ability to make decisions on spot so that we are able to see the waterfalls, the glacier and diamond beach despite of the bad weather. Rain stopped exactly when we went out of the bus :)

Review title

By Alexandra Iacob on 2021-11-15

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