The Clean and Safe Pledge

03 Feb 2021

BusTravel Iceland is firmly committed to clean and safe travel in Iceland.

The Clean and Safe Pledge

The Icelandic Tourism Board introduced a pledge, called Clean and Safe (Hreint og Öruggt). This initiative was for travel companies to commit to as a means of tangibly showing their promise to safe and clean travel in Iceland. By doing so they hope to raise awareness of Iceland as a safe travel destination. The project was designed to help tourism operators, who are registered with the Icelandic Tourist Board, to receive their customers responsibly so that they can feel safe whilst also creating good memories.

Safe Travel in Iceland

The COVID19 pandemic really brought to the forefront the importance of safety whilst travelling. The Icelandic Tourism Board recognised this importance and created the Pledge so Icelandic companies could easily commit and show that they are ready to receive guests with professionalism and responsibility. To further reinforce the importance of this pledge, it was approved by the municipal health inspectorate and the World Travel and Tourism Council. This highlights the communal understanding of safe travel in Iceland and level of standards of which we adhere to.


Our Committment to Safe Travel

It was really easy for BusTravel to sign this pledge as we have always been committed to safe and clean travel. In fact, the safety of our guests and staff is our first priority, and always has been. We only ever operate our tours under safe conditions, whether that is the weather forecast, the vehicle or the expertise of our team. Stringent operational protocols are established and implemented to ensure that we exceed any expectations from our guests, partners and employees. All our staff undergo extensive training to ensure that they are capable of maintaining our high standards and undertaking emergency safety procedures. Guests attest to the quality and high standards of our tours as seen in the reviews they leave and the general feedback we personally receive. We actively welcome any and all feedback, and if you travel with us please feel free to contact us directly via email or phone, or speak to your Tour Guide!

When you take a tour with BusTravel you can be confident of a clean and safe experience.

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