Top 10 Pictures for February (List)

09 Mar 2019

Iceland in February captured in photos (taken by @catgbeck) to get you excited about your upcoming trip to Iceland, or to make you nostalgic about your past experiences!

February in Iceland has brought some beautiful weather, with pink skies at dawn and dusk and lots of calm sunny days as well as some very windy days. The snow melted and returned again in places, with the temperatures going up and down like a yoyo.

Snow falling on Reynisfjara beach


Sunrise at Kerið Crater Lake


Would you walk over this natural bridge in Snæfellsnes?

Getting ‘the shot’ at Kirkjufell mountain

On a cold day at the Secret Lagoon, the steam makes it very magical

This used to be the old changing room at the Secret Lagoon, now it stands there as a picturesque structure as you bath!  

You can see cute churches like this all around Iceland

Tranquil sunset at Þinvellir

The pink skies just after the sun sets at Gullfoss is spectacular

Diamond beach has had lots of stunning pieces of ice on it this month

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