Best Places To Eat in Reykjavik

After a day of exploring Iceland’s spectacular attractions there is nothing better than sitting down to a good...

10 minutes

28 Jul 2020

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Iceland This Winter

Iceland is beautiful all year round, and a great place to travel safely due to its excellent healthcare system...

21 Jul 2020

South Iceland Coast 101

Taking route number 1 along the south coast of Iceland is a highly recommended journey whilst travelling in th...

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14 Jul 2020

5 ways to reduce your environmental impact in Iceland

At BusTravel Iceland environmental issues are something that we care deeply about. We have implemented a numbe...

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07 Jul 2020

10 Reasons why the Northern Lights in Iceland should be on your bucket list

The Northern Lights are a sight most people want to witness in their life and it is truly magical to watc...

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30 Jun 2020

The New Normal at BusTravel Iceland

Iceland has handled the COVID-19 pandemic extremely well, by being extremely well organised and implementing l...

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26 Jun 2020

Icelandic Language

Icelandic is in fact a Germanic language; the same language group as English, for example. Also, German, Dutch...

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23 Jun 2020

How to celebrate the Icelandic National Day

This special day commemorates the formation of the Republic of Iceland, and full independence from the Kingdom...

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16 Jun 2020

How to pack for Iceland

The Icelandic weather is a big part of the experience of visiting Iceland, and is best described as refreshing...

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09 Jun 2020

Sjómannadagurinn: The Seaman’s Holiday

The holiday takes place annually, on the first Sunday of June or if that clashes with Pentecost it is postpone...

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02 Jun 2020

The Golden Circle 101

The Golden Circle tour has three prominent destinations; the Geysir Geothermal Area, Þingvellir National Park,...

26 May 2020

5 Reasons Why Iceland’s Sunsets Are The Most Beautiful

Here are 5 reasons that make Iceland’s sunsets the most beautiful in the world! Due to our northerly positi...

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19 May 2020

Why are Icelandic horses special?

The Icelandic horse has a long history that is appreciated by both Icelanders and foreigners. Brought over by ...

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12 May 2020

Top 10 reasons why you should travel to Iceland after COVID19

Once lockdown is lifted, flights resume and it becomes reasonable to travel again it’s unavoidable to wonder m...

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05 May 2020