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Art and science collide for an evening of hunting through the Icelandic countryside for an opportunity to spot the elusive Northern Lights. Many people come to our shores from all over the world every winter to see them.

What begins as solar winds from the sun striking against the magnetic field of our planet like a piece of flint touching steel quickly translates into ribbons of white and green, sometimes even red and purple that flutter through the sky like paper bags caught in the wind. Sometimes the effect is subtle, just a flicker of light against the dark whilst other times it can feel like a full orchestra, but no matter how the lights may present themselves they are always utterly captivating. 

Join us on a northern light hunt experience and our experienced and enthusiastic guides will do their level best to hunt down the lights and create special memories for you. The night will be completed with interesting information, legend and stories about the phenomenon, topped with a special recipe of hot chocolate to stay warm. 

Your tour ticket comes with a free ticket to the Aurora Museum Reykjavík. The exhibition is a great introduction to the science behind this phenomena and also provides valuable insight into the best methods to photograph this lights. You can visit the museum at any time on the day of your booking and we can even collect you from there for your tour. 

For those nights where mother nature is not on our side, you will still be treated to a night sky full of stars and an ability to rebook and try another roll of the dice.


  • Northern Lights hunting experience
  • Professional northern light guide
  • Aurora Museum Reykjavik entrance ticket (valid on the tour date booked)


Your night of northern lights hunting begins with our fast and efficient pick up service. While the sun may set early in the Icelandic winter we won’t leave you waiting for long, all you need to do is let us know where you are staying or the nearest pick up point and we will handle the rest.

Our northern light tour comes with an extra bonus! When you book one of our tickets for the Northern Lights you are able to head over to the Aurora Reykjavik - Northern Lights Centre and gear yourself up for the lights with the assistance of their expert knowledge and state of the art display technology. We will make your evening extra smooth by picking you up from the museum for your tour. All you got to do is to get in touch with our customer support team and ask for the pick up.

Aurora Reykjavík

The Aurora Museum is a true Northern Lights Centre is a multimedia exhibition offering interactive displays of the northern lights and an educational centre where you learn how different people and cultures around the world have lived and experienced the Northern lights. There is also a a specially equipped photo booth where you are taught how to just your camera settings when capturing the lights yourself. 

Northern Lights Hunting 

When everyone is on board the bus we begin our hunt by driving out of all light pollution from the city to increase our chances of good viewings. Unlike other tours we run, the Northern Lights tours do not have a set number of stops or even a set location that you travel to. Prior to the evening, a team of Northern Light experts studies the aurora- and weather forecast. Based on expert knowledge and details from various weather mapping services, used to track activity, a direction and starting point for the hunt is set. Easy access, minimal cloud coverage and limited light pollution weigh heavily in the decision making.

While driving and searching for lights your enthusiastic guide shares with you information, facts and stories about the Northern Lights. When the right spot is found, the bus is parked and you have an opportunity to walk around, enjoy nature and wait for the show to begin (fingers crossed). There will be plenty of time to take pictures and if you need assistance setting up your camera for catching the lights, your guide will help you out. 

Depending on the weather conditions you may stay in one location for the evening or move to several locations. You can be sure of the Bustravel team doing everything within it's power to enable you spotting the lights.

Hot Chocolate and refreshments

Northern Light hunting requires a lot of patience. The lights often take time to appear on the sky leaving it's admirers standing out in the cold for a long period of time. We encourage you to come well equipped with warm clothing. Your guide will also help you stay warm by offering a secret recipe of hot chocolate along with light refreshments. 

In case of no lights

Northern Lights are a part of unpredictable nature and are not always seen despite good forecast and conditions. In the unfortunate event that no lights appear in the evening you will be offered to rebook on to another evening. Details of how to rebook in case of no lights will be supplied by the guide. The offer for rebooking is valid for three years from the date of your tour departure.

After the night has ended, you will be brought back to Reykjavik and returned to your drop off point where your Icelandic adventure can continue.

Please note that the duration of the tour is normally 3-4 hours but can vary in length depending on weather conditions on the evening.

What's included

  • Northern light hunt
  • Professional English speaking tour guide
  • Hot chocolate and refreshments
  • Aurora Museum Reykjavik entrance ticket (only valid for use on the tour date booked and if the tour is operating)
  • Wi-fi on board

What's excluded

  • Pickup and drop off

What do I need to bring

  • Warm clothing and good shoes

Important information

  • The duration of the tour is 3-4 hours
  • Make sure to bring warm clothing

Cancellation policy

  • Cancellation fee of 100% if cancelled 1 day or less before departure



Guided Language

  • English


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Amazing experience

Absolutely amazing experience! Our tour guide Denis was very knowledgeable about the northern lights and knew exactly where to take us. We had the most incredible view it lit up the sky dancing around

By Jess on 2023-03-09

We saw the lights!

Great tour led by charismatic guide called Thor. He provided hot chocolate for us which was lovely and necessary in the freezing temperatures. He was also very knowledgeable and experienced so he chose a very good spot to catch the lights. We also saw the lights in the end which was extraordinary! Would recommend bringing wind resistant clothing (especially a face covering/scarf) as you could be standing there for a long time!

Review title

By Joe on 2023-03-06

We got to see the Northern Lights twice in two locations!

When all other tour operators cancelled their tours because of the weather conditions and poor visibility, Iceland Bus Travel were the only company still operating and we managed to see the Northern Lights twice in one night in two separate locations! Alvaro is a superstar and was a great help when booking the tour. Fantastic customer service. The guide knew where to go to spot the lights. The only gripe I have is that we had to wait for an hour at the bus stop in gale force winds and snow. This was due to a technical problem which delayed the pick ups. A message to let us know there is delay would’ve been appreciated. But we saw the Northern Lights so I’m a satisfied customer and I would book with Iceland Bus Travel again. Very reasonably priced. Would recommend to others.

Review title

By Shazeeb on 2023-02-03


We went on the tour with Daniel, the Aurora Whisperer. He was a brilliant, knowledgable guide on the northern lights. We saw the lights straight away. We couldn’t recommend enough, he was fab.

By Laura Briers on 2023-02-15

Highly recommend!

We were a little sceptical after all other northern lights tours were cancelled for the night. They were an hour late picking us up due to bus problems but kept us up to date with texts on pick up. The tour guide Pocho had stepped in last minute to take us out and he was incredible! After everyone feeling a bit deflated to start with after being late he picked everyone’s spirits up and made the tour incredible. We went out to a spot where there were no others and he explained how to view the lights and how to know when they were going to appear. We saw them within about 15 minutes of being at the spot and they kept appearing and disappearing. He kept us comfortable in the cold winds with hot chocolate and snacks and made everyone feel welcome. Would highly recommend this tour and we are very glad we booked with them after another company had cancelled twice.

Review title

By Amy on 2023-02-08

A dream!

A cold, very cold night, but one of the best experience of my life. Daniel our tour host made the tour enjoyable, we managed to see the lights and we had hot chocolate too. I couldn't ask for more!

By Martina on 2022-12-12


Even though the lights were not that visible the service was great, Mia did an amazing job and she helped a lot during the whole trip

By Carlos Camacho on 2023-01-09

Incredible Northern Lights viewing

We arrived in Reykjavik late afternoon but decided to take a chance and book with BusTravel on their large group coach Northern Lights tour that same evening, as the aurora forecast looked promising. Our pick up was very smooth and the smaller bus took us to meet the larger coaches that we would travel on. There was a system mix up with another driver's pick up, meaning that we were delayed from leaving central Reykjavik for an hour. However this did work to our advantage in the end... The tour guide on our coach, a lovely chap called Thor, was very apologetic about the delay and provided lots of useful info while we drove out of the city to get away from the light pollution. After about a 45 minute drive north, we stopped at a place with just one other coach. It only took around 20 minutes and then the Northern Lights went crazy - we had a spectacular display right above us! This was around 11:30pm when the Lights appeared and remained dancing for at least half an hour. It was remarked that this was the best display of the season, and we know we were extremely lucky to see them this well. As long as you have patience and understanding that the Lights are not guaranteed to appear on the night that you book for, BusTravel is a great option for searching for the Northern Lights!

Review title

By Alice on 2022-12-29

Amazing lights - dubbed as best lights in Winter

They brought us to Thingvellir national park to see the lights. The guide knows very well where to look and how to capture the aurora thru the camera in case they were faint. I was happy they took us to a great spot to wait for the aurora and that we allocated a lot of time. I chose a date when the KP forecast was high, the skies were clear and new moon as we wanted no illumination and just dark skies. And it did not diaappoint and seen green, white and red colours with the naked high, it was at least a KP of 4.

Review title

By Harold on 2022-12-22

Great tour

Our bus driver (Georgios) and our guide (Josep) were great. The buses were on time, clean, and safe. Josep prepared us for the possibilities of success. He explained that our forecast chances to see the Aurora were “good” based on a Kp-index value of 2. Josep assured us of 2 things: 1) that was going to be cold and 2) that we were going to have hot chocolate. Depending on winds, clouds, and a full moon we were going to see something. They delivered the first two and over delivered on the lights and good times. Great show!

Review title

By Manuel on 2022-10-11

One of the best

It was one of the memorable northern light chasing. Thanks to the expert guide Daniel, Highly recommended.

By Sayooj on 2022-08-26

THANK YOU! Unforgettable.

We simply had one of our best adventure on 4th March '22. This tour is the one to choose if you are hunting the NL. It was easy to book and also to reschedule, since the first night we didn't catch the lights. They are available on the phone and via email - there was no occasion we couldn't reach them - and they have pick up provided in Reykjavik, they send all info in emails frequently. Our tour guide was Geri (the best of all) and I do want to mention our driver Maciek also, since despite the snow and closed roads he did take us to the best spot and we felt safe the whole time with him, he is quite a character btw. Geri simply made this night unforgettable, picking the spot, talking about Aurora, helping with phone and camera settings to have the best pictures possible and giving us the night we never forget. Thank you Bustravel, highly recommend*****! (Oh, they had hot chocolate also, but we even forgot that during the amazing show.)

Review title

By Fanni Szigeti on 2022-03-04

A magical night

What a great tour! Everything was so good especially Daniel our guide, he was so knowledgeable about everything from the lights themselves to the camera settings on our phones and it's down to him we managed to see the lights! After a very cold wait in the middle of the national park he said we'd wait another 20 minutes with our hot chocolates (best we've had!) just in case despite the fact many other tours had already gone home and just wow. Not only did we manage to see the beautiful northern lights my partner and I got engaged under them and Daniel captured the most magical engagement photos. Would 1000% recommend!

Review title

By Natasha on 2022-01-18

Northern Lights Bus Tour


By Linjing Fan on 2021-12-14

Northern Lights Bus Tour

We couldn't see anything. Daniel our guide was the best. We 're coming back next year to try again

By Jordi aitor Muñoz on 2021-12-12

Northern Lights Bus Tour From Reykjavík

Me and my family took the northern lights bus tour and we enjoyed very much. The trour was rescheduled two times because of the storm and the bad conditions, and every time there was a change they write and ask you in case you prefer to cancel. The BusTravel agency is a great company, the pickup is always on time. Regarding the northern lights bus, they have another car that goes ahead and is looking for clear sky and lights, so the bus knows were to go. When we were out of the bus looking for the lights, they gave us hot chocolate. In case you don't see northern lights, they allow you to repeat the tour for free. I really recommend you this company because of its transparency, kindness, good guides, and in case you need any help or change, they answer your email very quickly so you can solve any problem you have. We 100% recommend using this company not only for this tour, but for all the tours in Iceland.

Review title

By Mar Schilt Catafal on 2021-12-07

Northern Lights Bus Tour from Reykjavík

The tour was good - enjoyed the drive and the guide was fun. Sadly, the lights were low key that evening.

By John Blanchette on 2021-12-04

Worth the wait

Patience is a virtue when wanting to see the Northern Lights. However having spoken to other people who were in search for the lights the same day and were unable to see them, our tour guide took us out to the coast and after about 3 hours we managed to get some truly amazing pictures. Worth the wait, but you really do need to be patient. I have to rate this 5 stars as others who had booked with other companies were unable to see them that day.

Review title

By Mo on 2021-12-03

No Lights but Great Fun!

We had a great evening chasing the Northern Lights guided by Daniel AKA "The Aurora Whisperer", Although we did not manage to get sight of the lights, we hope to take advantage of the free re-book next time we come to Iceland. Daniel was full of useful information an explanation which meant that the trip was still enjoyable. He was also in contact with other tours to try and find clear skies. He also helped us set up our cameras to best capture the lights if they appeared. The bus was comfortable and warm. We had some hot chocolate and some Lava Rock Chocolate which all added to the experience. Highly Recommended. many Thanks.

Review title

By Ian Kelly on 2021-11-27

Northern Lights Bus Tour

A good organisation, very professionals guides.

By Simonetta Zamporlini on 2021-12-29

Good hunt for the aurora

First time the tour was booked for Monday evening but we only had several snow storms and strong winds. Maybe the place was not the best - there was a strong light in little distance, I know that was not enough for not seeing aurora but that light was annoying. Next day we waited till midday for the rebook of the tour and in the end we had to write to the customer support. One from our six in the group had to write repeatedly during all afternoon/evening and finally got the rebooking. Second evening was totally different - a fantastic experience. The guide, Daniel, was brilliant with tons of information, including stars and constellations. His radio voice was fantastic! ;)) He helped us in having very decent/profi pictures by using his iPhone and shared them afterwards. Many many thanks, Daniel!

Review title

By Dana Robota on 2021-11-16

Northern Lights Bus Tour from Reykjavík

Awesome !! We could see the northern lights and the show was soooo wonderful ! Thanks a lot !

By Hajar RABIA on 2021-11-16

Fantastic spectacle to see

Great tour. Our guide Emma was very knowledgeable of the Northern Lights and knew a lot of the science behind them. We where lucky enough to see them on our first stop and we where shown how to set up our phones and those who had cameras where given advice on what settings to use. I'm an amateur astronomer and I learned something new that night. Totally recommend this tour just bring plenty of warm clothing and if your using a mobile phone try and bring a tripod or stand for your phone as you need long exposure shots.

Review title

By Steven Crane on 2021-10-09

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