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The Golden Circle combined with the Secret Lagoon is is a combo tour not to be missed. Not only does it combine two fantastic activities into one day but also grants an earlier admission to the lagoon than what is typically available, making you able to soak in the hot waters out of the crowds. 

The Golden Circle with Secret Lagoon combines perfectly the highlights of the area and the wellness activity, still keeping an easy going and relaxed pace for the day . The day starts at the colourful Kerid Crater Lake before heading onwards to the Secret Lagoon. The lagoon is alimented by 38-40 degree celsius warm waters which will rest your mind, body and soul. After a good time relaxing in the lagoon we continue the Golden Circle route visiting the geothermal paradise of Geysir, the magnificence of the Gullfoss waterfall and Þingvellir National Park.

This combo is one of the most popular tours in Iceland and once you have been on it you will certainly understand why!


  • The Secret Lagoon (entry fee included)
  • Kerið volcanic crater (entry fee included)
  • Geysir geothermal area
  • Gullfoss waterfall
  • Þingvellir National Park


Start of the Tour at 10-11 Kringlan

After pick-up the bus will start from here on the journey.

Pick-up from accommodations and special Tour Bus Stops in central Reykjavik is between 8:00 and 8:30. Then the buses meet at 10-11 Kringlan and the tour departs from there at 8:30.

1. Stop at Gamla Laugin - Secret Lagoon 120 minutes

On the first stop of this tour you are gonna enjoy bathing in the famous Secret Lagoon.

Start the day with a leisurely swim in the Secret Lagoon, one of the oldest natural geothermal pools in Iceland, nestled amongst bubbling hot springs and a small erupting geyser. Steam rises from the surrounding geothermal area as you relax in the warm mineral-rich water, which holds at 38-40*C year-round.

2. Stop at Geysir 60 minutes

Get fascinated by the amazing Geysir geyser!

In the Geysir geothermal area in the Haukadalur valley, Strokkur fountain geyser spouts water high into the air every few minutes. In case hunger is eating you up enjoy some traditional Icelandic food at the Glíma Geysir restaurant.

3. Stop at Gullfoss Waterfall 45 minutes

The Golden Waterfall Gullfoss is a great photo opportunity.

The iconic waterfall of Gullfoss, or Golden Falls, is only a 7 minutes’ drive from Geysir – located in the glacial river Hvítá. It's elegant and majestic form is like no other, where the torrential river water plummets in two steps down into a 32 meters deep canyon.

4. Stop at Thingvellir National Park 25 minutes

Experience pure Icelandic history at Thingvellir!

Þingvellir National Park is not only a site of geological wonder, located at the intersection of the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates but also a place charged with history, as the site of the national parliament since 930. Þingvellir tells stories of geographical and political struggles, compromises and ongoing evolution. Þingvellir was accepted on the UNESCO World Heritage List for its cultural values in 2004.

Stop at Kerid Crater

End of tour at Skógarhlíð 10

The tour ends with the drop off procedure.

After drop off we will head to our headquarter at Skógarhlíð 10.


The first step to this great combo tour is our fast and efficient pick up service. We will come to pick you up you from either, one of the hotels in the centre of Reykjavik or from one of the many pick up spots dotted across the city. Once everyone is accounted for we will begin our drive towards our first stop, Kerid the volcanic crater lake.

Kerid Crater Laker

Kerid is an extremely colourful crater-lake formed in a volcanic eruption some 6500 years ago when former volcanic cone collapsed within it's own magma chamber. The crater is decorated with bright red volcanic rock and mesmerising green blue lake at the bottom. Hiking paths take you around the crater's rim for a full view of the phenomenon and surrounding landscape. There are also paths leading you down into the craters bottom for a nice stroll around the lake. The crater has been a great source of inspiration for many artists and number of concerts have been held within the craters arms. 

Secret Lagoon

A good 30 min drive is the tour's treat, the Secret Lagoon. Originally known as Gamla Laugin (the old pool), this hot spot in the town of Fludir is is Iceland's oldest swimming pool, created in 1891 . The surrounding scenery with steam vents, bubbling pools combined with the artistic evidence of the past create a unique ambiance. There is nothing in the world quite like letting all your worries melt away in these hot waters whilst also feeling the history of the generations of people who have done so before you. 

Geysir Geothermal Area

Following on from your trip to one geothermal marvel we then take you to another, the Geysir geothermal area. The area is named after the “Great Geysir” a large geyser in the area that interestingly is one of the first of its kind to be mentioned in texts. As a result the Great Geysir is actually the origin of the English word Geyser. Due to its age, the old Geysir no longer erupts of its own volition but his younger cousin, Strokkur, has stolen the show and erupts naturally every 5 to 10 minuets. A big visitors centre is at Geysir where offering many lunch options and great souvenirs. 


Only a 5 min drive from Geysir is the tours next highlight, the golden waterfall Gullfoss. Gullfoss is an impressive waterfall that drops around 32 meters over two different stages. It is fed from the glacier waters of Hvítá river which originates from Iceland’s 2nd biggest glacier, Langjökull. To add on to the stunning beauty of Gullfoss, the conditions around the waterfall often create colourful rainbows and magical golden light. Walking paths in the area allow you to explore and take in the wonders from different angles and levels. 

Þingvellir National Park

Last but not least comes Þingvellir (Thingvellir) National Park. This is the site where the world's first parliament was formed (that is still active) when the old Viking group leaders from all corners of the country decided to join together on a yearly basis to discuss affairs and settle disputes by making and amending laws rather than using the sword. This area is not less important and impressive for being the location where the Eurasian and American tectonic plates separate from one another, creating an outstanding landscape with big open fissures and a Rift Valley.

Walking paths take you in-between the walls of the biggest fissures called Almannagjá and lead you in the footsteps of the Vikings, through past the Parliament site and up to the viewing point of Hakið.

Once mind, body and soul are enriched with these fantastic examples of both Icelandic culture and nature we will drive back to the city to wrap up the day.

What's included

  • Professional guide
  • Entrance fee to Secret Lagoon
  • Free WiFi

What's excluded

  • Pickup and dropoff
  • Food and drinks
  • Towel rental

What do I need to bring

  • Your swimsuit and towel
  • Warm, water- and windproof clothing are always useful in Iceland.
  • All tickets are e-tickets so there is no need to print them out.

Important information

  • There is no food included on this tour but there will be stops where you are able to purchase food

Cancellation policy

  • Cancellation fee of 100% if cancelled 1 day or less before departure



Guided Language

  • English


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Fantastic say

We were picked up at our chosen bus stop (4) and driven a short distance to be transferred over to our tour coach for the day. Gudrun was our guide for the day. She was just brilliant. Friendly, informative, very knowledgeable and rightly passionate about her Country. She gave us lots of interesting information & snippets about the areas which added to the enjoyment of the day. We especially enjoyed the secret lagoon and the gullfoss waterfalls. It was a shame the weather wasn't kind at times but we thoroughly enjoyed the day. Thank you Gudrun.

Review title

By Susan Vella on 2023-02-10

Fantastic tour

This bus tour for the Golden Circle and Secret Lagoon was an incredible experience. Pearla was very knowledgeable and passionate about her country which made it such an interesting and educational experience. We loved to hear about the history of the places we visited and also her knowledge of the Iceland geology. We especially enjoyed her singing, in particular the ‘seatbelt’ song, which we now can’t get out of our head. The pickups and drop offs were very easy and convenient. Communication was excellent all round. Fantastic value for money and we couldn’t recommend it enough. A massive thank you to both Pearla and Christophe for making the tour so awesome.

Review title

By Tracey Messenger on 2023-01-25

You were amazing

We had a very special day with Guðrún!! She is a so professional guide tour .Thank you so much :))

By Dimitri on 2022-12-10

100 % to go for!

AMAZING tour and tour guide!! In this tour day we have seen so much Icelandic gems! Views are thrilling and something I definitely suggest going for. Our tour guide: Tomas -was absolutely brilliant! Told so many things about his country and all this places we visited. We also had a privilege to hear Tomas singing Icelandic lullaby and stories/ explanations about them. It was perfect context as we were traveling in buss and landscapes were passing buy. If you ask him nicely, maybe you will also manage hear his deep voice and feel Icelandic power. Also would like to mention traveling in buss all day could be a bit too much, but it was not as stops were broken up evenly and our driver Stanislav was professional, and I even had no moment to feel scared or nauseous. 100% I suggest going for this tour.

Review title

By Dace on 2022-11-25

Fantastic tour

Amazing tour, landscapes and atypical tour guide :)

By Iris on 2022-10-15

Perfect as an introduction to Iceland

It was a great tour; I would absolutely recommend it as an introduction to Iceland. Needless to say, for a future trip, I would like to spend a whole day per site for each of the five main sites we visited — this is how wonderful they are — but with this day trip the whole idea is to get it all covered for beginners like me. Our guide Hjörtur Howser was very professional, no less charismatic, and a real pleasure to listen to (loads of intriguing facts about nature, culture, agriculture — the works; plus he speaks as though he is writing belles-lettres, seriously). There were about 25 of us in the bus, which I think is a good size, and the group developed a bit of a team spirit. Now, the special thing about this tour is that it includes the Secret Lagoon. Before I made my reservation, I researched the differences between the several pools offered in combination with the Golden Circle, and once we got to the Secret Lagoon, I felt that I had picked the right one for my taste: smaller, less commercial, more intimate (and it is the oldest public pool in Iceland, so it has something of a traditional air about it).

Review title

By Gale on 2022-08-16

Fantastic golden circle tour guide

We bas a wonderful day trip. HBO out driver and guide was helpful and told us interesting facts ranging from geology of the island to how things are in Iceland today. We were a family of 6 from 12 to 81 and all really enjoyed it. Everything went very smoothly and we didn’t feel rushed at any of the sites. Very highly recommended.

Review title

By Liz keller on 2022-08-29


Highly recommended. Very nice and competent tour guide, good program, comfortable bus, perfect organization. Gladly again

By Joerg on 2022-07-07

Amazing day!

What an amazing day! Perfect weather with the snow, but clear skies with sun. Absolutely magical to see the gilfoss waterfall in the winter and the secret lagoon was beautiful! Tour went so smoothly and our guide Atli and driver Tomek were great! 100% recommend such good value for money

By Kirsty on 2022-02-17

Amazing! Must do!

The places are definitely a must do. The secret lagoon is amazing and could easily replace the blue lagoon (the experience of thermal waters is the same but without such costly tickets). Chiara, the tour guide, is a sweetheart and super knowledgeable! She brought an amazing vibe to the tour and made the difference. Maciej, the driver, was also super helpful and welcoming.

Review title

By Débora on 2022-02-16

Jenny Jackson

We had a lovely tour of the golden circle our guide was so knowledgeable and humorous, the day went so smoothly and the secret lagoon was such a gem. We had plenty of time to look and take in the scenery. I would highly recommend doing this tour, wrap up warm.

By Golden Circle & Secret Lagoon on 2021-12-25

Excellent introduction to Iceland

One of the most iconic tours of the most iconic places in Iceland. Our guide, 'Iceman' was fantastic and very responsive to our needs, full of stories and tales about the places, the people, history and legends. Thank you very much, Mister Iceman! :) The Secret Lagoon was a great experience, much different from Blue Lagoon but nevertheless precious in itself and purely authentic.

Review title

By Dana Robota on 2021-11-14

Golden Circle

Experience was amazing which was mainly due to our tour guide Jona and our amazing driver Thomas. They took us to all the stops as per itinerary, but made a couple of detour stops which were breathtaking. LOVED IT!

By Shantanu Singh on 2021-07-18

Golden Circle with Secret Lagoon Tour

A experiência foi incrível! O dia estava com o tempo fechado e nevando muito, mas conseguimos ir em todos os pontos do roteiro e a lagoa secreta foi a melhor parte, é uma delicia e não muito cheia, estava nevando e a experiência de estar em uma lagoa quente no meio da neve foi incrível. Dica: levem câmeras a prova d’água se quiserem boas fotos.

Review title

By Marina Silveira on 2020-01-21

Golden Circle with Secret Lagoon Tour

Great correspondence before the trip and good communication. David the tour guide and Jemik (?) the driver were great. We had a couple of extra stops on the way, including feeding the Icelandic ponies which was a great treat. Highly recommended.

By Lynne Marriott on 2020-02-25

Golden Circle with Secret Lagoon Tour

I emailed with a question before booking and had a very quick reply from Chiara in Customer support. Pick up was on time and efficient. We had plenty of time at each of the attractions, including the Secret Lagoon which we loved. It worked well visiting the lagoon earlier in the day. Our guide (Sno?) was helpful and informative. Definitely recommend this trip as a great introduction to Iceland.

Review title

By Susan Hawthorn on 2020-02-21

Golden Circle with Secret Lagoon Tour

A great trip with a very informative interesting guide, Finn, who knew a lot of history and background to what we saw which really enhanced our enjoyment of the day.

By Steve Bakmand on 2020-03-15

Golden Circle with Secret Lagoon Tour

Fabulous Guide and relaxing full of amazing nature experiance. Just go!!

By Sebastian Przytulski on 2020-03-11

Golden Circle with Secret Lagoon Tour

Our guide Simon was great. Had good knowledge and good sense of humor. It was an amazing experience. Time at each attraction was sufficient to appreciate the scenery and explore the surroundings.

By Naing Ko Ko on 2020-03-09

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