For your 2 day stopover, Special Offer Geysir is a perfect choice. We will show you the beautiful landscapes of the Golden Circle as well as stunning waterfalls on the way to the must see Glacier Lagoon. To make the most out of your stay, we give you the Boat Tour on the Glacier Lagoon for free! During Winter when the boat is no longer operated, you will instead get a Northern Lights Bus Tour to get a chance to behold the stunning Aurora in the icelandic wilderness.

Itinerary (winter):

Itinerary (summer):

Additional information:

After booking the package you will receive a booking confirmation. As soon as the tickets for each tour are issued will you be able to change dates in our customer portal We will notify you by email when the time has come.

More options, more fun!

You save 15-18% with this offer! What's 29990 ISK in another currency?


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