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A selection of our personal favourite local experiences here in Reykjavík.

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Exhibition experiences


Iceland is a country that really embraces art and the concept of artistry is deeply woven into the DNA of the Icelandic people. As you walk around Reykjavik this quickly becomes obvious, whether you notice it in the number of museums that the city has, the amazing street art that can be found wandering through the back streets or from the stunning sculptures and architecture to be found. All of this and we have yet to even touch on facts like Reykjavik is home to the worlds first artificial indoor ice cave experience and of course the face that Iceland birthed some of the oldest pieces of written literature in Europe via the Saga's.

Thankfully not only are these things plentiful but they are also easily accessible. Icelanders love nothing more than opportunities to share their rich heritage and history meaning you wont have to go too far to begin experiencing Iceland at it's best.

Perlan is a great example of some of the amazing exhibitions in Iceland. This building was once a series of hot water storange tanks that later were updated to give the building its iconic glass dome top. For a long while the place served as an observation deck and café giving people a place to grab a coffee while enjoying amazing views of the city and it's surroundings. In 2017 however this all changed when the perlan museum was opened transforming the interior space into a stunning exhibition of the wonders of Iceland. Their debut exhibition was a, first of its kind, indoor simulated ice cave that holds around 350 tonnes of ice and snow.

The museum also has plans to expand its exhibitions to include a northern lights exhibiuton, a planeterium and more.