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Iceland is a country that really embraces art and the concept of artistry is deeply woven into the DNA of the Icelandic people. As you walk around Reykjavik this quickly becomes obvious, whether you notice it in the number of museums that the city has, the amazing street art that can be found wandering through the back streets or from the stunning sculptures and architecture to be found. All of this and we have yet to even touch on facts like Reykjavik is home to the worlds first artificial indoor ice cave experience and of course the face that Iceland birthed some of the oldest pieces of written literature in Europe via the Saga's.

Thankfully not only are these things plentiful but they are also easily accessible. Icelanders love nothing more than opportunities to share their rich heritage and history meaning you wont have to go too far to begin experiencing Iceland at it's best.

Perlan one of the top Reykjavik Iceland Exhibitions is a great example of some of the amazing exhibitions in Iceland. This building was once a series of hot water storange tanks that later were updated to give the building its iconic glass dome top. For a long while the place served as an observation deck and café giving people a place to grab a coffee while enjoying amazing views of the city and it's surroundings. In 2017 however this all changed when the perlan museum was opened transforming the interior space into a stunning exhibition of the wonders of Iceland. Their debut exhibition was a, first of its kind, indoor simulated ice cave that holds around 350 tonnes of ice and snow.

The museum also has plans to expand its exhibitions to include a northern lights exhibiuton, a planeterium and more.

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Reykjavik Iceland Exhibitions and the Perlan Museum Tour

Deep in the heart of Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland, lie hidden treasures that you might walk past without even knowing that they are there. All throughout the city there are various museums showcasing the fascinating history of this ancient land, and art exhibitions which enthral all who visit them. At BusTravel Iceland we offer tours for tourists visiting the island. This tour includes a trip to the Perlan man made ice cave, located in Reykjavik.

Exhibition tours in Iceland are the perfect trip for art lovers and the curious alike. Iceland is home to all sorts of artists, and it is difficult not to be inspired to create your own art once you get to see the incredible surrounding nature. Art and Culture play a huge role in the day to day lives of those who live in Reykjavik and the countryside. The Icelandic people are fiercely proud and they are keen to share their culture with all of those who visit.

All of the tourists who visit Iceland will pass through the city of Reykjavik, but not all of them take the time to do a little exploring. It is understandable that the natural beauty of the country is quick to draw people out into nature soon after they arrive but Reykjavik Iceland Exhibitions and tours of the museums, including the Perlan Museum Tour, are all well-worth making some time for. After all, you can learn much about the culture of the people by exploring the city and all of its interesting attractions.

BusTravel Reykjavik Iceland Exhibition Museum Tours of Iceland

Árbær Open Air Museum, The Settlement Exhibition, the Reykjavik Maritime Museum, the Whales of Iceland, Viðey Island, Aurora Reykjavik, and Perlan; the list of exciting museums in Iceland is seemingly never ending. Many of the museums are dedicated to the legendary history of the country and pay homage to the architectural wonders that have popped up around the city.

The tours are carried out in the company of an experienced guide who is more than knowledgeable about the history behind each place as well as the attractions in each museum. Having a guide means guests will never miss out on an important attraction and they will also have the chance to ask all of their pressing questions about the attractions and life in Iceland. The tours are generally a few hours to a half day long, giving guests enough time to go out and do something else.

Exhibitions are also spread out throughout the city, and show off some of the best art which includes photography, sculptures and paintings. Guides know which parts of the city are best for this type of cultural experience and that is why heading out on an exhibition focused tour can be ideal.

For more information about our guided Reykjavik Iceland Exhibition tours, you can browse our website or you can get in touch with us.

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